How to Succeed in 2020 Jamb – Why Students Fail Jamb | How to Pass Jamb


Most of us out there do not know the secret of succeeding in the exam, looking into this article we are going to learn so much on How to Succeed in 2020 Jamb. Come to think of it, a lot of us have written this jamb before now, some are writing it for their second or third time.

How to Succeed in 2020 Jamb - Why Students Fail Jamb | How to Pass Jamb

Some are even writing it for their fourth to fifth time but they cloud not make it through. For those of us that have sited for this so-called jamb exam before, you should have understood the key or tips on how to succeed in this exam.

I also saw that there are people who are just writing it for their very first time, so to avoid mistakes you have to sit up with your studies.

How to succeed in 2020 jamb

We have been hearing so many things about people failing their jamb exam and they are told to wait for the other year. So for you not to pass through that same process, you need to work hard by studying very hard. Don’t let anyone deceive you on what to do, you should focus on your books and all.

If you have been active on my website, you will see that I have talked about an article that says “Jamb 2020” and “When is jamb 2020/2021 starting”. You can read more about the jamb to get all the information about the jamb.

To be sincere, there are no two ways you can succeed in jamb apart from studying your books and reading through past questions and all. One of the major things to succeed in jamb is to buy or look for past questions to study awaiting the exam. Before I will move over by telling you about how you can succeed in a jamb. Let talk about the reason why students fail the jamb exam.

Why students fail jamb

There are so many reasons why students fail the jamb exam, some are very playful, some don’t like reading before going out for the exam, while some depend on examination malpractice. Down here, I am going to tell you some reasons why students fail jamb exams.

Not following jamb syllabus

This is one of the very reasons why students fail the jamb exam. Most times students ignore the use of syllabus, they think that using the syllabus is a waste of time. They don’t know that the use of the syllabus helps so much when it comes to writing exams.

Of you are a student who is thinking of writing a jamb exam. I beg of you, you should make use of the syllabus it will help you go a long way in succeeding in your exam.

Poor reading habits

Another reason is poor reading habits. Most times, students most especially those who are writing jamb exams. Find it very difficult to read, they never have the time to spend time to read through their books or past questions to set the personal text to try their ability to see how ready they are for the exam.

I don’t want to make this article boring for you, my advice to you all. If that, you should create time for yourself to read your books and past questions. They will help you at the time of the exam.

Lack of speed during the exams

This particular thing occurs every year of the jamb exam, students do go through this particular issue. Lack of speed during the exams. Let say, that you are a student sitting for a jamb exam, and when answering questions. You find out that you spend about 5 mins in answering just one question.

That is what is known as lack of speed during an exam, you lack speed in answering your questions. You learn how to answer questions very fast so that you can answer all your questions in your exams.

Computer illiteracy

This is also another problem, there are so many of us who don’t know how to operate a computer. This kind of person is known to be computer illiteracy. As someone who wants to write jamb, before thinking of going for the enrollment.

He or she should apply for a computer training class, to learn how to operate a computer to avoid been computer illiterate.

Not acknowledging your name in the attendance sheet

This is also some other failure reason why students do not succeed in a jamb. They do not respond to their names when attendance is been made to ensure those who are present in the exam. There are some of us who do sit for the exam but do not answer to attendance.

When you don’t respond to the attendance list, it seems that you are not present in the exam Hall. So for you to be counted among those who wrote the exam. You need to keep your ears open to listen to attendance whenever it is been called.

Incomplete materials

“incomplete materials” is also one of the reasons why people fall victim to failing jamb exams. Most time students don’t look for materials to help them study hard. Like jamb past questions textbooks, jamb recommended textbooks and so many of them.

For you to succeed, you have to study hard and also look for information’s from any angle to update you with any latest requirements for the exam. I don’t want to go further, I will like to end the list here but know there are so many reasons why students fail jamb.

Like we have procrastination, lack of understanding, lack of dedication towards reading and so more of them. Now, back to our topic “how to succeed in 2020 jamb”.

How to pass jamb without expo or assistance

The header you see above this paragraph is also the same as how to succeed too. You don’t have to be confused with what you see. There are so many ways how you can pass or succeed in the jamb.

Download I am going to list out some of them below this very paragraph. So, let see what the list has for us if it is truly telling us about the key secret on how to succeed in the 2020 jamb examination.

  • The very first thing that should come into your mind is that you should make up your mind that you will pass the exam without been assist by anyone.
  • The other secret is that you should let all the recommended textbooks.
  • Look for a jamb syllabus and deal with hot topics.
  • Look for past questions and also key topics on your subjects.
  • Make sure you read along with the jamb syllabus.
  • Study with jamb past questions without thinking of looking at the answers.
  • You need to arrange your own personal tests and examinations for yourself.
  • Another thing is that you need to remove fear from yourself and boost total confidence in yourself.
  • Say no to procrastination.
  • Face all your fears and don’t jump or fear any difficult parts.
  • These are the secret or key guide on how you can succeed in your jamb examination, there are still other guidelines on how you can make your papers. Let, quickly look into them before rounding up for the day.
  • Other ways to pass jamb
  • Like I said there are other ways, so let quickly look into them below.
  • Start gathering materials.
  • You have to study with revelation.
  • Study along with your past questions.

There are still more but let stop it here, let cut it off for the day. I hope you enjoyed the article, thanks for your time.


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