How to Stop Your iPhone’s Side Button from Hanging Up a Call

How to Stop Your iPhone’s Side Button from Hanging Up a Call. If you press the side button on your iPhone, it will end the current call you are on. But from iOS 16, you can choose to disable this feature’s behavior. However, when you make or receive a call with your iPhone, you can use the side button on your hand at any time to end the call.

How to Stop Your iPhone's Side Button from Hanging Up a Call

How to Stop Your iPhone’s Side Button from Hanging Up a Call

This can be either a convenient method of hanging up or, when you are prone to touching it by accident, an embarrassing way of bringing the conversation to an unintentional and abrupt ending.

Can I End a Phone Call with the Power Button?

With the use of the lock button on your iPhone, you have the option to turn off end calls. Thanks to iOS 16, we can now finally resolve this long-existing problem by adding that option. The new ‘Lock End Call’ setting lets you turn off the power button to end a call on your iPhone. This is a welcome change as you no longer have to worry about unintentionally ending calls by locking your phone.

How to Stop Your iPhone’s Side Button from Hanging Up a Call

Below you will find information on how you can turn off or disable the power button end call feature on the iPhone. This will help you disable end calls with the lock button on your iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and other iPhones running iOS 16. Here are the following steps that will show you how it’s done:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap Accessibility.
  • Under “Physical and Motor,” click “Touch.”
  • Toggle on the switch next to prevent Lock to End Call.

That is all you have to do. However, if you accidentally press the side button during a call, it won’t hang up the call. Bear in mind, however, that with Prevent Lock to End Call enabled, you’ll no longer be able to decline an incoming call by pressing the side button twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my iPhone hang up when I hit the side button?

If you touch the side button while on a call, I always hung up the call-up. That is how the power button is programmed in the firmware to work with calls. If yours did not do this, you need to get it serviced. If you click the power button while on a call and you have the phone up to your ear, it does not end the call.

Why does my iPhone end calls by itself?

If your iPhone is randomly dropping calls in mid-conversation, check for updates and install the latest iOS and carrier setting updates. Furthermore, remove the Sim card, wait for a couple of minutes, and reinsert the card. If the issue persists, disable Low Power Mode and contact your carrier for further help.

Why does my call end immediately?

That is most common with carrier registration issues, so if a reboot doesn’t help, try removing the SIM card, cleaning it, and re-inserting it. If that doesn’t help, call your carrier and see if they can reset your registration on the network. If all else fails, you might need to replace your SIM card.

How do you end a call on the iPhone 13?

Tap the red “End Call” button. It’s a round button with a downward-facing telephone on it. If you’ve navigated away from the phone or FaceTime app, hit the green bar at the top of your screen to return to it. If you’re using Apple headphones, press and release the center of the controller on the right earbud wire.

Why do phone calls end without ringing?

When your phone fails to connect directly to the phone you call, your calls will end without ringing. This can be from a problem with your phone, the carrier’s network, or the phone you are calling. The easiest way to see which is the source of the problem is to try calling from a different phone and to another phone.


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