How to Schedule a Facebook Post – Facebook Page | Schedule Post on Facebook Page

“How to Schedule a Facebook Post” If you are a user of the Facebook platform who wants to Schedule a Post on his or her account? Well, that’s not dragging because you’ve got to come to the proper place at the proper moment. Here I’m getting to review to you on how you’ll schedule a post on Facebook, all you’re required of is to stay on with the article by reading through the paragraphs that come after this very one.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post - Facebook Page | Schedule Post on Facebook Page

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

We are still within the same article as finding how you’ll schedule your post on the platform. If this is often what you’ve got been checking out on the web lately, I assure you that you simply have come to the last box stop of your search.

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Scheduling a post on Facebook may be a photograph, videos, or content of data that you simply want to bring online for others to ascertain.

For you to schedule a post, you would like to possess a page first. You can’t schedule a post on your Facebook timeline or the other place only you’ve got a page on Facebook. Before I’m getting to tell you ways, you’ll schedule your post, I will, first of all, tell you ways you’ll create a Facebook page for those folks that don’t have a page.

Facebook Page

Having a page on Facebook is extremely wonderful because it helps bring people or viewers to you. Facebook page is often utilized in marketing your business and it helps to advertise your business across the platform. Whenever you post something on your page, people, folks that are a member of your page, and people that aren’t can see what you’ve got once they access your page.

Right now, I will be able to like us to show over to the steps on the way to create a Facebook page before going over to the steps on the way to schedule the post.

How to Create Facebook Page

The following guidelines that you simply are going to be encountering immediately are the steps that you got to create a page on the platform of Facebook.

  • On your Facebook homepage, turn over to the create page by clicking the create button at the highest of the homepage. That if you’re using the old Facebook web but if you’re using the new Facebook web version, you only need to click the “+” button at the highest.
  • Tap “Page” and over to “Get Started” then. But before then you’ve got to settle on the category of the page you would like to make.
  • Name your page then add your category and tap on continue.
  • Next is to upload your page profile photo and canopy photo but you’ll prefer to skip it by clicking the “Skip” button.

After doing all of those belongings you have successfully created your page, now it’s time you would like to understand how you’ll schedule your post on your page.

How to Schedule Post on Facebook Page

Now that you simply have created your own page, there’s something that you simply still got to realize is about we’ve because of the topic of the article “How to Schedule a Facebook Post”. That’s what I will be able to be directing you on now, so let begin with the steps.

  • Access your page, then check out the left column of your Facebook page. You’ll see “Publishing Tools” click thereon and await the subsequent page to load.
  • Tap on “Scheduled Posts” at the left also of which you’ll see the choice there.
  • Click on create and click on “Photo/video”.
  • Choose the format of photo schedule you would like, but if you would like to schedule a post directly. Just click the “Upload Photos/video”.
  • Pick the photo or video you would like to schedule for your post and hit on the “Schedule” button there.
  • Now set the time and date which you would like the post to be scheduled to and you ought to know that whenever you schedule a post it’ll automatically post itself once the day you set thereon comes.
  • After setting your date and time, you’re now good to click the schedule button thereon.

With these, you’ll schedule your post to be it video or photo to be posted so the day that you simply want it to post. You ought to know that you simply can’t schedule or access the Facebook platform without creating an account. So, visit for you to make a Facebook account for free of charge.

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