How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online – How to Reprint Your Jamb Exam Slip

How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online; this is a question of students have been asking. The process is very simple and fast. All Jambite or Candidate, it is important to reprint your Jamb Slip and you can do it yourself.

How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online
How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online

Without reprinting your Jamb slip, you won’t get your exam date, time, venue, and your seat number. Read on and find how to reprint.

How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online

Speaking of “How to Reprint Jamb Registration Slip Online”. Reprinting your Jamb slip would enable you to know your exam date, place, seat number, and hall. If you have looked through your Jamb slip, you would notice that some information is not included. Such as your venue, seat number, exam date, etc. And that’s because you have not reprinted your form. Reprinting the form is very simple and fast.

When is Jamb 2022 Registration Slip Reprinting Date?

Before the CBT came to use, Jamb usually sent candidates their examination through SMS or email address. But still, most people don’t really receive theirs. And that’s why reprinting your slip is very important as also knowing the date.

How can I check my Jamb Slip Form Profile?

Checking your profile is very simple and equally fast. You can do that by following the steps below;

  • Visit the Jamb official site at Jamb.
  • Then click on e-Facility Account/ Login
  • On the displayed, page, fill in your Email address and Password and click on “Login” to your dashboard.
  • At the top right side, you would a bold green text labeled “Re-print your Jamb Slip”.
  • Click on the text.
  • Type in your registration number and hit “Re-print”.
  • A page containing your exam date, venue, seat number and time would be displayed.

You can actually find your Jamb Registration number on the slip that was handed to you at the center you registered.

Steps on How to Reprint Exam Slip

As I said, the process is very simple and fast. Follow the proceeds below to do that;

  • Head to the Jamb website at
  • Then log in to your profile by providing your email and password.
  • The option of reprinting would be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Enter your Jamb registration number to the box provided and click on “Re-print”.
  • The information about your examination would be displayed. Then click to reprint the slip through your printer. Or use CTRL + P on the system keyboard.

It would be printed out immediately. There’s still another method to reprint, and that’s from your email address.

Other steps to Reprint Jamb Registration

Here’s how it’s done;

  • Access your email account.
  • Then in the inbox section, you would find a message from JAMB. Simply open the message to see the content in it.
  • Check your spam if you can’t find it on your direct inbox.
  • On the message, there’s an attachment in a PDF format. That is your JAMB slip.
  • Go on and download the slip and open it. It can be downloaded using Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Connect your smartphone to a computer at a Cybercafe around you.
  • Then go on to print out the slip using the Printer or CTRL + P from the keyboard.

Just that like the slip would be printed out immediately. Note: make sure to have a laptop or desktop. You can do the reprinting using your mobile phone and then save as a PDF file to be printed later. Do not use Opera Mini. Keep a photocopy of your JAMB slip.


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