How to Prepare for JAMB and Gain Admission Same Year – What is JAMB

What will be looking into today is all about How to Prepare for JAMB and Gain Admission Same Year. Are you an O’level holder, fresh out of high school, in your final year in high school or are you just seeking to gain admission into a higher institution? Are you hoping to gain admission into a higher institution? Do you find it difficult to pass the JAMB examination? This is just about the right place for you.

How to Prepare for JAMB and Gain Admission Same Year - What is JAMB

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How to Prepare for JAMB and Gain Admission Same Year

On this guide, I will take you some very important steps you need to take to prepare for JAMB and gain that admission. Every year, the JAMB examination is written. The frenzy caused by JAMB amongst its participants is always on a high. This is because it is the first on two phases that determines if you would be able to proceed in to a higher institution. Being successful in the JAMB phase means proceeding into the PUTME phase. Before we go on

What is JAMB

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board popularly known as JAMB is a body that defines the structure of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This is the Post UTME that determines your admission into a tertiary institution. Over the years JAMB has upgraded from the handwritten examination we were all used to, to the Computer Based Test (CBT) we have now. This was due to some of the secondary and tertiary schools making use of computers for their examinations. This change has long made some of the schools lacking behind in the technology race to buckle up. JAMB is in charge of conducting UTME, ensuring the eligibility of candidates seeking admission I to tertiary institutions, creating of admission requirements and also structuring of UTME.

Passing JAMB is quite easy and not as scary as people make it seem. All you need do is make adequate preparation for it.

How to Prepare for JAMB

Preparing for JAMB would only require a few steps and determination from you. Here on this guide, I will be stating steps you would have to take to know How to Prepare for JAMB fully. Some of these steps are nothing out of the ordinary but are just measures that we, most times, deem unnecessary. But hey, we cannot leave any stone unturned, right? No no. Continue reading to find out the steps.

  • Do not be scared of JAMB: Fear has a way of reducing our efforts and in turn, reduce our outcome and expectations. It is okay to feel a bit tensed. But being scared of the examination would only make you not to put enough effort into passing.
  • Know the subjects required in jamb for your desired course: There are specific subjects required for each course registered in JAMB. Know the exact subjects your desired course requires and get acquainted with them.
  • Get really good books on your registered topics: You sure cannot prepare for any examination without getting books and other related material to help study. Same way to need to get books on your required subjects and even JAMB past questions to help you with your study. You also have to study the compulsory English text for JAMB.

Other Preparation Review

  • Enroll in a JAMB class: it always advisable to enroll for a JAMB class. This would help you with your study as there would be tutors there to put you through anything you may find difficult while study. Also, in JAMB classes, you would be taught tricks on how to answer JAMB questions quickly and accurately. There is also the opportunity to mingle with other candidates for the examination. You could form study groups too if it works for you.
  • Know your Reading Times: You will agree with me that there are times that are best for you to study. A study time that works for your friend may not work for you. Everyone has their own unique best time to study. Some persons study best in the morning, some late at night, some in the library and some others in the day time. And also, know your time gauge. This is the amount of time you can study at a stretch. Find yours if you do not know it yet.
  • Draft a reading timetable for yourself: hmmm… This is easier said and done than followed through. That is when discipline comes in. Get a reading time table for yourself and try all your best to follow through with it. Make sure you study at a time best suited for you.
  • Go for regular CBT training: This is one very important step. Visit a cyber café if you do not own a system and practice. There is online JAMB CBT training you can use too. Do this as often as possible to get yourself very familiar with the pattern if the examination.

If you adhere strictly to the steps and put in your maximum effort, there is no doubt about you passing your JAMB and gaining admission to the school of your choice. So, congratulations in advance!