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One good thing about How to Get Facebook Avatar, this is a way the Facebook app has been updated to make it attractive to its users. It will be interesting to you to know that one of the most trend searches is the internet is the avatar feature. A whole new feature carved out for Facebook users.

How to Get Facebook Avatar - Facebook Dating Review | Facebook Dating Site

It is a newly released feature that has so many tools to allow users to create a cartoonish image of themselves on Facebook. It was initially launched in countries such as New Zealand, U.S, and Australia.

How to Get Facebook Avatar

Moreover, the app allows you the opportunity to get your image converted into a sticker that you can share on your Facebook messages, stories, comments, statues, and many more. To get this feature created with the app on Facebook is very easy and is a bit similar to that of the Snapchat Bitmoji. Although, this write-up contains guidelines on how to get an avatar on Facebook.

Avatar on Facebook

Firstly, one of the requirements for you to get an updated Facebook app. The Facebook old version does not have the new Facebook feature. You can have the Facebook app installed from the app store of your devices to download the app. The steps are listed below;

  • First, you enter your device play store and app store.
  • Then you click on the menu icon.
  • Then you click on my games and apps or you click on today.
  • Next, you scroll down and select Facebook.
  • Then, you click on the update.

With these steps, you see above, you can download the app which is the official Facebook app.

Create Facebook Avatar

Firstly, you need to get an account with an internet connection before the avatar app can be activated. Furthermore, the will feature will provide you with the necessary tools which include, hairstyle, skin color, skin tone, and much more for you to be able to create an account. The steps are listed below;

  • Open the updated Facebook app on your device.
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • Next, you gently scroll down and select the avatar.
  • Then you select the instruction provided to be able to create your avatar.

Finally, it is important to note that the messenger is not compatible with the avatar, so during the time you are creating your avatar, different features will be provided to you to assist you to create a look-alike human cartoon. Note, you can’t access the avatar on the website.

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