How to Get Directions to an AirTag Item in Apple Maps

How to Get Directions to an AirTag Item in Apple Maps. Have you ever heard of Apple’s AirTags? Apple Maps are small, button-shaped devices that are designed to be attached to items like keys and wallets.

How to Get Directions to an AirTag Item in Apple Maps

How to Get Directions to an AirTag Item in Apple Maps

This enables these accessories to be tracked using Bluetooth right alongside Apple devices in the Find My app. Through this page, you will get all the information you need to get directions to an AirTag item in Appl Maps.

What is AirTag

AirTag is designed mainly to keep track of your items. The AirTag tracking system that Apple unveiled last year and that is available for purchase is one way the iPhone-maker can help you track non-Apple devices. Apple also allowed it to find my app to locate items made by third parties.

Review on AirTag

Before the launch of the AirTag, members of the media were able to test them out, and their first impressions were nice and positive. For a long time now, AirTags have been described as “smart” and “capable” for those in Apple’s ecosystem, and tracking has been lauded for its accuracy. For it to get an initial location for an AirTag from another room, it may sometimes take up to 30 seconds or more.

Furthermore, it is possible to get inaccurate locations foiled by obstructions and walls due to Bluetooth. With the U1 Precision, tracking is helpful to get around that.

AirTags Features

AirTags are managed and added in the Find My app under the “Item” tab that Apple introduced in iOS 14.3. Each AirTag is displayed on a map in the Find My app so you can see its location like other Apple devices. The device also connects to your iOS and macOS devices over Bluetooth. A U1 chip is added by Apple to each AirTag so you can see its precise location indoors or out if it’s nearby, or its last known location if it is not.

Find My Network can help you find your AirTag if it is lost or stolen. The Find My Network takes advantage of hundreds of millions of Apple devices to help you locate an AirTag, with the AirTag showing up on a map when it is located by someone else’s device. When it’s in lost mode, an AirTag will automatically send out a notification when it’s detected by someone in the find my network.

  • Precision Finding: iPhones with a U1 chip, including the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 models, can take advantage of precision finding, a feature that lets you see specific instructions on how to get to your lost AirTag. Precision locating combines AR, sound, and haptic feedback to help you out.
  • Returning a Lost AirTag: if you find yourself in a lost AirTag situation, or if someone comes across your lost AirTag, it can be scanned with any smartphone that’s equipped with NFC to bring up contact information.

It is available on iPhone and Android devices. If you find a missing item, scan it to locate the owner. If it is in lost mode, the AirTag will also relay its location back to the owner through the find my network.

Those are the main functions of the AirTag. However, you can add your contact info so someone who finds your item can get in touch with you. Apple regularly updates the AirTags firmware and has done so several times since the AirTags launched.

How to Get Directions to an AirTag Item in Apple Maps

If you have set up AirTag and put it on an item, you will want to know how to track it so that you can locate the attached item should you misplace it. If your Apple device runs iOS 14.5 or later, you can locate a missing AirTag that is linked to your Apple ID. Moreover, you can still get directions to it from Apple Maps.

To obtain directions to an AirTag item, follow these steps:

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Click Items
  • Click on the item you want to get directions to.
  • Enter directions to lunch on the map’s app.
  • Tap the route to get directions to the Air Tagged item from your current location.

If you have a supported iPhone and you are near your AirTag, you will be able to find its precise location using the device’s built-in Ultra-Wideband technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AirTag have GPS?

Apple AirTags do not have GPS and need it to locate any missing items. Apple’s “find my network” relies on Bluetooth signals to detect and identify your belongings. Airbags send location data to iCloud; you can view that data by logging into your account with the Find My App.

Can you use AirTag without an iPhone?

If your AirTags are in close range to someone’s iPhone, you will be able to see its location. And you don’t even need an iOS device for that now, as Apple has released an official app for tracking AirTags on Android devices.

Does AirTag require WIFI?

The Apple Air Tag mainly uses Bluetooth to communicate with your iPhone. Because of this, you do not need an Internet connection for the AirTag to function. However, since this device uses the Find My app to locate your things, you will indeed need to turn on your WiFi for the best possible experience.

Can AirTag find a stolen car?

AirTags, which use Apple’s Find My Network, can leverage nearby devices to transmit their location. The owner saw the thieves stealing the car on a surveillance camera and proceeded to track down his car with Memphis police to a nearby address.

Can you track AirTag anywhere?

An AirTag will essentially work anywhere in the world, providing that the AirTag’s Bluetooth signal can be detected by nearby Apple devices in the Find My network.


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