How to Find the Top Investment App for Beginners

How to find the Top investment app for beginners – as a beginner in investment are you looking for the top investment app that will suit your elementary stage? A solid investment app will allow you to grow your investment while protecting you from risk. Also, the best investment apps can enable you to trade on the go faster, using your account in real-time.

How to Find the Top Investment App for Beginners

How to Find the Top Investment App for Beginners

Now that digitalization is happening these days, investing apps can play a major role in your finances. However, as you invest, remember that the returns on investment are based on market conditions. Having full knowledge about the market trends before investing is very important. Always build a diversified portfolio around your investments. In this article, let’s see the top investment apps for beginners. Happy reading!

  • Fidelity App (Best for financial planning & Management)

The Fidelity App is a financial solution for investors, which has come up with simple investing solutions, and financial planning tools, gives you trade market news, and much more.


  • Self-directed and professionally managed accounts
  • Financial planning tools
  • Guidance from specialists so that you can pick the right investment
  • Digital estate planning


  • There is no minimum balance.
  • There is no commission on trades.
  • most recent professional insights


  • For U.S. citizens only.
  • Broker-assisted trading is relatively costly.

The Fidelity app will allow you to trade in fractional shares, get financial planning tools, and get specialist guidance with Fidelity. Fidelity’s website is

  • E-Trade App (best for beginners as well as frequent traders)

E-Trade is an investing app for beginners, with easy-to-use features for investing, saving, and borrowing.


  • Market Insights
  • Retirement planning
  • Broker-assisted trades and automated investing
  • Trade-in mutual funds without any fees.
  • Start with pre-built portfolios.


  • No commission on trade.
  • A Guide to Investing for Beginners
  • Prebuilt portfolios of leading mutual funds and ETFs
  • Educational resources
  • There are over 4500 mutual funds with no transaction fees.


  • Automated investing requires a minimum balance of $500.

E-Trade can be a good option for a beginner as well as a frequent trader. The free educational resources can help beginners gain market insights. Other helpful features can work wonders for both.

There is no commission on the trade of stocks.

  • Wealthbase (the best app for trading games and contests)

Wealthbase is a new player in the world of stock market games. So far, it is the most user-friendly investing app out there for having fun and picking stocks. You can set up games with friends for a long time; weeks, days, even just until the end of the day.

$0 is the required minimum balance.

Fees: $0 for up to 5 players. $20 game fee, up to 1,000 players.

The app marries social media with stock picking. You’ll see a feed of stocks your friends are picking, with daily updates of who’s winning, and you can engage in a little friendly “trash talk.”

The app runs very smoothly. There are no delays to loading, no hiccups. Even if you’re not a huge stock-picker, you’ll have fun here. And you can trade crypto in the simulation as well.

The official website is

  • TD Ameritrade Investment App (Best for advanced traders)

The TD Ameritrade Investment App is an award-winning app that gives you plenty of investment choices, educational resources, planning tools, and much more.


  • It lets you set price alerts, explore integrated charts, and more.
  • 24/5 trading
  • Analysis features can calculate the risk involved
  • Goal-specific planning tools


  • $0 commission on trades
  • Educational resources
  • No trade minimum


  • No fractional shares.
  • No crypto exchanges

The TD Ameritrade Investment App is most suitable for advanced traders due to the availability of plenty of trade options, price alerts, and other features. Educational resources can be helpful for beginners.

There is no commission on trade. A 0.30% annual management fee is charged for a Robo advisor.

TD Ameritrade’s website is

  • Robinhood (best for trading in stocks & cryptocurrencies simultaneously)

Robinhood is an investing app that provides its services to over 6 million Americans today. You do not need to maintain any minimum account balance with Robinhood.


  • Start investing with as little as $1.
  • Trade with cryptocurrencies.
  • It lets you access research reports on around 1700 stocks.
  • You can use the app to receive your paycheck, pay rent, and much more.


  • Commission free trading
  • Research reports
  • No minimum balance required
  • Crypto exchanges


  • No 401(k) accounts.
  • No access to mutual funds

Robinhood is a good choice for those who enjoy investing because the Robinhood investing app allows them to learn about market trends in over 1700 stocks.

Robinhood’s website is

  • Acorns (the best investment app for savings-oriented people)

Acorns are one of the best investment apps for beginners. You do not need to worry about maintaining your portfolio; the built-in Robo-advisor will take care of it. You can start with small investments and need to pay $1–5 per month as fees for the services. With Acorns, you can save for your retirement.


  • A diversified portfolio built by experts
  • Search for jobs
  • You can get retirement planning
  • Earn money when you do shopping.


  • Users gain access to an automatically rebalanced portfolio by investing your spare money.
  • Earn money when you buy from a given list of brand names.
  • Portfolios built by experts


  • You can not build your portfolio on your own.
  • Monthly fees

This app can be very beneficial for beginners who have little idea of the market. They can get their spare money invested with the help of an in-built robo-advisor.

Acorns’ website is

  • Ally (best for multiple trading options)

Ally is a self-directed trading app that lets you connect with the trading market anytime and from anywhere you want. You do not need to have any minimum account balance to get started. Plus, it gives you bonus cash for opening an investment account.


  • Self-directed trading
  • Banking and home loans
  • An automated investing function manages your portfolio.
  • Tools that help you save faster.


  • It allows both trading options: self-directed and automated trading.
  • Effective saving tools
  • Free advisors for monitoring portfolios


  • You can not start trading with the automation feature with an investment of less than $100.

Ally offers you trading options that can help you invest the way you want. If you are a beginner with little knowledge about the market, you can take the help of the automated investment feature and switch to self-directed trading whenever you want.

To enjoy this investment app and utilize it, visit its official website at

  • Betterment (best for long-term investors)

Betterment is one of the best investment apps. It offers you automated investing features, tax-loss harvesting, retirement planning, and much more at nominal prices.


  • Automated investing and portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax-saving tools that help you earn more over time.
  • Your portfolio is custom-built with low-cost, diversified ETFs.
  • It lets you know the amount of tax on the money you withdraw.
  • Retirement planning


  • Invest as you want, or opt for automated investing.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Get advice on saving money on taxes.
  • Users will enjoy Step-by-step guidance on investing
  • Get cashback when you shop at selected brands.


  • Lack of real estate funds

The Betterment app is one affordable and profitable option for investing any amount of money. The step-by-step guide and advice for saving on taxes are a plus point.


There is a free plan and two other plans that charge you 0.25% and 0.40% annual fees, respectively.

This is the website for the Betterment app:

  • M1 Finance App (best for granting loans at low-interest rates)

M1 Finance is a wealth-building tool for long-term investors. You can be a self-directed investor and invest your money the way you desire, or opt for an automation tool that can rebalance your portfolio for you.


  • Low-interest loans
  • Trade with zero commission.
  • Automated money transfer, based on your pre-set conditions.
  • Send checks without having to physically sign them.


  • Earn a bonus when you switch to M1 Finance.
  • No minimum deposit is required.
  • No commission on trade.

Loans at very low-interest rates


  • No trading in mutual funds

M1 Finance has some nice exclusive features, such as bonus money when you switch to it and the ability to trade with no commission fee.

Price: Free

M1 Finance’s website address is

  • The Stash App (best for buying fractional shares)

The app is common in the USA and it’s made for the US-based market, which makes investing easy for beginners. You can invest in fractional shares or ETFs with any amount of money.


  • Get access to research on various tradable items.
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax benefits
  • Suggestions for expanding your portfolio
  • It lets you invest in fractional shares.


  • Investment advice based on stock research
  • Tax benefits for retirement investing.
  • Fractional shares


  • There is no tax loss harvesting with smart portfolios.

With Stash, you can buy fractional shares, get genuine investment advice and get tax benefits with retirement planning.


There is a free trial for a month. Prices are as follows:

This is their official website:


What app is best for first-time investors?

There are some apps that are best for beginners to carry out their investments. They are as follows:

  • Stash is one of the best apps for beginners hoping to learn the ropes of investing fast
  • Ally Invest is a great option for beginners interested in stocks and bonds.
  • Acorns is a great investment app for beginners.

And many others. Read the article above to see them.

What app do most investors use?

Top Investing Apps with No Commissions

  • M1 Finance
  • Fidelity
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Robinhood

and many others.

Which trading app is best for earning money?

Here are the best investment apps.

Wealthfront is the best portfolio management app.

Fidelity Investments – The best all-in-one money management app.

Robinhood – (Best app for active trading.

Charles Schwab – The best app for newcomers.

Ellevest: The best app for socially responsible investing.

What is the best app to invest in?

The best apps for investing are Fidelity, SoFi Invest, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Robinhood, Merrill Edge, and Stash.

How do I start investing with little money?

You can invest the money you have in the following ways:

  • Put your money in real estate.
  • Buy gold
  • Trade in cryptocurrencies.
  • Trade in fractional shares
  • Get enrolled in a retirement plan
  • Purchase mutual funds

Download an investing app that can help you buy stocks, bonds, securities, and other tradable options.

What are good investments for beginners?

As a beginner, you have little or no knowledge about market trends. You should opt for an investment app that gives you the feature of automated investing and portfolio rebalancing so that you do not lose your hard-earned money by taking any wrong steps.


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