How to File an Insurance Claim with USPS

How to File an Insurance Claim with USPS: If you want to file an insurance claim with USPS, this means you have sent a package inside the U.S. that was lost, damaged, or had broken or missing pieces and it was covered by insurance.

How to File an Insurance Claim with USPS

Learn how to file an “indemnity claim. Your insurance may have been included with the USPS service or separately purchased. Eligible items are listed below:

  • Priority Mail Express items and other insured mail.
  • Collect on Delivery (COD) items
  • Registered Mail Items with Insurance

How to File an Insurance Claim with USPS

The recipient or sender of insured mail that is lost, damaged, or missing contents may file a claim. To file a claim, you must have the original mailing receipt. All claims must be filed within a certain period and include proof of insurance, value, and damage. These are the steps you need to take to file your claim:

Examine the Filing Periods—Each mail service has a different filling period. The period is based on the mailing date on your receipt and whether your package arrived damaged.

 If your item arrives missing its contents or damaged, you may file a claim immediately but must file no later than 60 days after the mailing date. Moreover, if your package does not arrive at all, file a claim in the period for the service you used.

Gather your Documents—By bringing all of the necessary documents, you will help USPS approve your claim faster. Save all your supporting documents until your claim is resolved.

Provide your tracking or label number if it is found on your online label record, package label, mailing receipt, or sales receipt. The tracking and label numbers are between 13 and 34 characters.

Evidence of Insurance purchased

Any of these items show evidence of insurance:

  • Original mailing receipt issued at the time of mailing
  • The outer packaging shows the names and addresses of the sender and the addressee, and the proper label shows that the article was sent insured.
  • Printed electronic online label record or computer printout from the application used to print the label and purchase the insurance.

USPS may not legally pay compensation for uninsured lost or damaged articles. If your uninsured mail is missing or delayed, you may request a missing mail search.

File Your Claim: Online is one of the fastest and easiest ways to file your claim. If you cannot file a claim on, you can start a claim process by mail. After you file, keep all your evidence documents until the claim is resolved.

How to File your Claim Online

You just have to log in or create an account to file your claim online at their official webpage. Your claim case will be associated with your account.

  • If you cannot complete the form in one session, you will be able to save your claim.
  • Once you have filed a claim, you can see it in your claim history.

That is all you have to do to file your claim online.

How to File your Claim by Mail

If you are not able to file your claim online, you can have a domestic claim form mailed to you:

  • Call the USPS National Materials Customer Service and request a Domestic Claim PS Form.
  • Complete the form and mail it, along with proof of value and evidence of insurance, to the address on the form.

USPS operation hours are Monday to Friday, 6 AM–6 PM, while on Saturdays and Sundays they are closed. If any federal holiday falls from Monday to Friday, they will be closed.

How do Insurance Claims work with USPS?

Your claim may be completely approved or approved in part. After your claim is approved, you should receive payment for the claim amount in 7–10 business days. USPS does not pay a claim for more than an item’s actual value.

Why would the USPS deny an Insurance Claim?

The following conditions justify the denial of a claim: There is no evidence of insurance coverage provided the mail does not bear the complete names and addresses of the mailer and addressee as well. It is undesirable as addressed to either the addressee or the mailer.


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