How to File a USPS Insurance Claim – USPS Insurance Claims Online

How to file a USPS insurance claim—well, one of the easiest ways to file a claim is online. The online method is very easy, which is why it is the preferred method according to USPS workers. They said online claims are processed more quickly and accurately than paper claims filed at the post office or through the mail.

How to File a USPS Insurance Claim

How to File a USPS Insurance Claim

If your shipment covered by the United States Postal Service is lost or damaged, you can file a USPS insurance claim. However, DoNotPay can help you out with USPS insurance and get your money fast. Moreover, to assist you in filling out an insurance claim, our platform can also help you request a USPS refund and file your USPS FOIA request.

To get protection from USPS shipments, you should consider purchasing USPS insurance. You can buy it online or at the closest post office. You will be allowed to protect most items for up to $5,000 and get reimbursement if the items get lost or damaged with standard shipping insurance. When receiving mail, the recipient will probably have to show his or her ID (insurance Restricted Delivery) if your shipment is insured for over $500.

Steps to file an Insurance Claim with USPS

Make sure you file a claim immediately after you find out your item is missing. It should be within 60 days of mailing the shipment if it was damaged when the recipient got it or if it never arrived at the destination. These are the two methods you can use to file a claim with USPS:

  • You can file USPS insurance claims online.
  • You can file a USPS insurance claim by mail.

With the two methods listed above, you can file an insurance claim with USPS.

USPS Insurance Claims Online

Filing a claim online is not difficult; you just need to follow some steps. Make sure to complete the insurance claim form. You will need to provide proof of value and insurance.

Then you can now follow the remaining onscreen process to file your USPS claim online.

 How to File a USPSInsurance Claim by mail

You can request the insurance claim form by mail if you prefer a more traditional method.

  • Contact USPS customer support.
  • Tell them to send you a domestic claim form.
  • Fill out the form
  • Provide the form, proof of value, and proof of insurance (you’ll see the address on the form).

USPS customer support working hours are Monday–Friday, from 6 a.m. between 4 and 6 p.m.

USPS insurance claim via mail

How to file a USPS insurance claim with DoNotPay

If it is complicated for you to follow the steps together, you can try out DoNotPay as an option to use. Through DoNotPay, you can get a user-friendly service that can help you file a USPS insurance claim in less than two minutes.

  • Access to your DoNotPay account.
  • Choose the insurance type.
  • Provide all the needed info
  • Tell them why you want to file a claim and describe the issue you’re facing in detail.

If USPS denies your claim, DoNotPay can also help you out. You will be able to use their appeal denied insurance claim option to file an appeal letter and get justice.


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