How to Delete Facebook Dating – What Happens When you Delete Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is one of the trending features embedded on Facebook for finding love, close friends, and social mates. Unlike Facebook, it was meant only for fun interactions, business conversations, finding a job, making casual friends that may turn out to be partners tomorrow, and so on. Now, the dating service is officially announced. continue reading to know how to delete Facebook dating.

How to Delete Facebook Dating - What Happens When you Delete Facebook Dating

How to Delete Facebook Dating

When you are so sure of dating. When you have the feeling that you are ready to date someone special, unique, caring, and loving. Facebook dating is so accessible for you. But I hope you realize that this feature is only for Facebook account owners. The dating app isn’t downloaded differently. If you don’t have an active Facebook account, you can’t access the dating feature.

Therefore, we urge all our readers that are just knowing about Facebook dating to forge ahead with the activation while those users that are requesting for deactivation of their account should actually stay put and discover how to delete Facebook dating.

Can you Delete Facebook Dating Without Login?

Actually, the answer remains No!. You cannot sign into a Facebook dating account without a login. You must log into your normal Facebook account to remove your information from the dating app. Nevertheless, it is one of the features just like group chats, Facebook pages, Avatar, Newsfeed, and others. Every account holder that is also into dating activities using the social giant app, FB, should take note of the fact that they must have their accounts logged in as they used to before they can start the mission of deleting the Facebook Dating.

Vital Steps to Deleting Facebook Dating Account 

You have to note that Facebook gave the opportunity for you to either take a break from the dating site. That is, muting your account for a short period of time or deleting the account forever. Whichever option you choose they will never go against it.

  • Open the Facebook app from your Android or iPhone device.
  • Hit on the three horizontal lines at the top right side of the first page on Facebook
  • Options will drop down immediately.
  • Choose “Dating” from the options and hit on the Gear Icon at the top right side of the new page depicting “Settings”.
  • You are free to tap on Account and choose the next option.
  • Select Delete Profile.
  • Choose your reason. If your reason isn’t there, you can tap on Others and add reasons.
  • Hit on Nex
  • At this point, you will be asked if you rather demand taking a break or deactivating the account.
  • Confirm your choice. Choose to Take a Break to save your conversations, profiles, and other details. Your account will still remain active but out of sight until you come to the dating feature and log in again.
  • On the other hand, choose “Delete Account” to have all chats and details cleared permanently.

What Happens When you Delete Facebook Dating

If you delete your Dating profile, you lose your profile, including your Dating answers, likes, matches, and conversations. This information is not recoverable. Even if you delete your profile, your matches can still see conversations they had with you.

You must wait for seven (7) days if you decide to create a new Facebook Dating, if you try to create a new one before 7 days you may see a message like:

  • Limit Reached
  • You can’t create a new Facebook Dating profile because you just deleted your account in the last 7days. You can try again later.

It’s best to take a break if you are not so sure of leaving Facebook Dating permanently, But if you are sure of not activating it and you have a good reason for letting go of the account, then delete it. It’s a matter of choice.


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