How to Create Google Hangouts on Mobile Phones and Desktop

Do you want to know How to Create Google Hangouts on Mobile Phones and Desktops? Then you should just keep on reading. This is a regular question people usually ask on hangouts. Basically, the Google chat web is just a place to communicate on a free voice call or Google video call with friends, family, and loved ones.

How to Create Google Hangouts on Mobile Phones and Desktop
How to Create Google Hangouts on Mobile Phones and Desktop

As you are reading this, you should make sure not to skip any part, because if you do then you might miss something very important.

How to Use Google Hangouts on Mobile Phones and Desktop

Therefore, the invention of online video calls and voice calls by social media platforms like Meta, WhatsApp, zoom and some others are leading the internet. However, the development is actually paving the way for a new flow of online services. Therefore, this is what Google Hangouts bring.

What is Google Hangouts? 

The Google Hangouts app is simply developed to boost communication with all your friends and even family including business partners. Also, this mobile app simply enables you to make free voice calls and video calls, chats and interactions.

Therefore, it is also a free service on the Google service, hence you need a Gmail account or G-suite account to access it. More so, google hangouts are even accessible via mobile phones and desktop systems too. Furthermore, you can also use this app as a chat text messaging app.

Gmail Hangout App

Previously, the Google Talk app is even the source users used to communicate before the coming of the google hangouts app. Although, one interesting thing about all these apps is the ability for you to make use of them for video calls and voice calls. More so, you can even use your Wi-Fi and access it for free.

Furthermore, this online calling and chat app is also very useful and you can easily use it with your mobile phone and PC. Therefore, this will just enable you to have a better communication medium with your friends and family as well as your spouse too.

Do you know that you can use the video call feature for video conference calls as well? This is also one feature where you would like to just explore and connect with friends seamlessly. , you can also download the app from the Google play store.

How to Create Google Hangouts on Mobile Phone

Below are the steps or processes on how to create hangouts online and then start to connect with people.

  • First, you should open google hangouts meet on your mobile device.
  • Then just click on the green and then white plus button just right in the corner of your homepage.
  • Furthermore, on the next page, you should choose either New Video Call or Start New Conversation.
  • Then, just pick the contact you want to start a Hangout with.
  • Then, you can now start chatting and hit the phone icon for a voice call or the camera icon to start a video call.


You can simply start a Gmail hangout by inputting the person’s name, mobile number or email address. More so, if you then want to use Google Messenger for more than one person click on the New Group caption.

How to Create Google Hangouts App on a Desktop

Here are the steps for you to follow when you want to create Google Hangouts App on your Desktop:

  • First of all, sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Then you should enter the URL on your PC device.
  • Furthermore, on the next page, the Hangout homepage will then come up. Showing a list of preview chats, there you will also find the Phone call, video call and Message features.
  • Just pick any of the above features to initiate a conversation. More so, enter the person’s name, email address or mobile number to start a chat or call.


For you to use the hangout feature on your PC system you need to switch on your Mic and as well use your webcam on your device. Also, you can even invite more than two persons on a free video conference call or voice call.


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