How to Choose the Right Starting Point for your Business

Small Town or Metropolis? How To Choose The Right Starting Point For Your Business: Your first business should be very valuable. And even though you are excited, you must take each step carefully so that you don’t mess up. That’s why there is so much planning for all decisions regarding your first business.

How To Choose The Right Starting Point For Your Business

How to Choose the Right Starting Point for your Business

However, deciding the location base is one of the first business factors that, despite being necessary, sometimes gets forgotten in the beginning. If you choose wisely, your business location could be your success factor.

Below are pointing to consider while choosing the location for the base of your first business.

Solutions & Delivery

The operation of your first business is a crucial factor. The product type, production, and delivery may have specific requirements that you can only meet in a metropolis. Therefore, listing your first business production requirements is essential before looking for a place. For instance, if you are about to deliver digital services, a small town or metropolis will not make a difference.

Effect of Local Audience Demography

Since most consider selling products online as the best first business to start, the demography of local audiences becomes unimportant. However, the same is not true for retail businesses. In that case, the locality becomes the number one priority because the audience demography would decide if your first business would succeed.

While choosing a location, you must ensure that the local audience demography matches your target audience. They should be willing to purchase your product by paying the price you are offering.  They should not have a problem with your service and your practice should align with their mentality and beliefs.

First Business Loans

Most people depend on loans to establish their first business setup. The location has nothing to do with a loan approval officially, Sometimes, it might be easier to get first business loans in a metropolis since banks are used to and willing to give business loans in big cities. However, at times the same may backfire because of too many applicants. Furthermore, metropolises could be better for getting first business grants since you can participate in several events without traveling much to get exposure.

Benefits From Other Businesses

Knowing your target audience and their potential location nearby is a smart move. Many first business solutions come from needs in a potential market. For example, building shops near hospitals & schools, tea, coffee stalls, food trucks in office areas, hospitals, shopping centers, and stationery shops near schools. The kind of businesses you can benefit from and where you would find them should tell you if a metropolis or small town would fit you.


Since metropolises are business hubs, you get excellent infrastructure and services on different budgets.

For instance, you can rent a cabin for a day for your first business deal or rent a few tables for your small team without having to worry about the utilities, cleanliness, etc. Options for office spaces are many and of different types and budgets, which is not available in small towns. The infrastructure requirements of your first business should tell you which location would be appropriate for you.

Cost Utilities, Rent Rates, Deposits

One of the most important considerations for your first business becomes your budget. You cannot do anything by going beyond it, and hence it serves as a limitation. Since the pricing of everything varies in a small town from metropolises, price comparison becomes a must for your first business. The comparison should include the price of everything like raw materials, production cost, team salary, travel cost, delivery, rent rates, deposits, electricity, etc.


Another important factor affecting your location choice for the first business is team quality and availability. Since some businesses can run remotely, some cannot. You may need some people to help you offline as well. Depending on your first business requirements, you must quickly learn where to find the right candidates. In general, metropolises serve to be better for hiring since most professionals move from small towns to get jobs in the big cities.

It’s a matter of choice. You must understand all your requirements, plans, goals, operations, etc., and compare available solutions before making a decision. All the above points play a vital role in deciding whether you should be based in or out of a metropolis think of everything and make a pros and cons list to weigh your options. I hope with this article, you now know How To Choose The Right Starting Point For Your Business,


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