How to Check Jamb Result with Registration Number – Jamb Result Checker

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How to Check Jamb Result with Registration Number? If you’re wondering how to check your Jamb result with registration number, then you’re not alone. Because most of all the candidates are wondering the same. So I believe you clicked on this post to learn or know about the process. Well, I’ve got you covered, read on.

How to Check Jamb Result with Registration Number - Jamb Result Checker

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How to Check Jamb Result with Registration Number

On this post, I will be giving you a step by step guideline on How to Check Jamb Result with Registration Number in 2020. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board and its management have highlighted some guidelines on how to check. By so doing, candidates can check for the result by themselves using their registration.

The 2020 JAMB examinations started from the 11th of April to the 17th of the same month. Candidates’ results are released within 24 to 48 hours of the exam. That is to say, students can result in their results, the same day. But first, what do you understand by the JAMB registration number? Most individuals would say it a number that was given to them, but actually there is a meaning to the number. So’s what it means.

What is Jamb Registration Number?

Jamb Registration Number is simply a computer-generated 10 alphanumeric code created especially for JAMB candidates. The code or number can be used to identify that the individual is a fully registered Jambite. So what is Alphanumeric? Well, don’t be shy about the question because we are all learning and questions are a great step in knowing something. Alphanumeric is a code or digit that is consisting of both alphabets (ABC) and numbers (123).

As a Candidate, when you’re completing the Jamb 2020 registration, your personal details would be asked for. They include your surname, first name, and others. But at that time the Jamb number would be omitted because it is generated not written out by the center or cafe you used for registering. The Jamb registration number would be available to you when the form is reprinted. There are some steps or activities that would require for the Jamb registration number. They include;

  • When you’re logging in for the exams.
  • Checking for Jamb result.
  • In the University of Polytechnics, the Jamb would be used to sort you ou.

In the university or polytechnic, it is only required when it was used in giving admission.

So How can I get my Jamb Registration Number?

Though this question is invalid, we’re here to clear the confusion in the air. Once you have sat for the Jamb Examination, it means you already have the number. Because the registration number is what you would use for logging into your computer at your exam center.

You can find your Jamb registration number on your mailbox in the message that was sent by Jamb. If it can’t be found there, then the Jamb facility platform. All you have to do is to log in to the portal to check your number. The number is written at the front page on your dashboard. On your Jamb Slip too. Once your Jamb form or slip has been reprinted, you 10 alphanumeric code would be the platform on it for you.

How to Check Jamb Result using Registration Number

This is one we’ve have been waiting for. Well without forward delay, here’s a step by step guide on how to check Jamb result using registration number on the portal at JAMB.

  • On your Chrome web browser, visit the Jamb result check page or page.
  • Input your registration number on the box that would be provided for it.
  • Then hit on “Check My Results”.

Immediately if you have a good data connection, your result would be displayed if yours is out.