How to Change your Facebook from Free Mode to Data Mode

Before we go to the main topic Note that, Facebook’s free mode is also known as Facebook’s zero modes. The feature works perfectly with the subversion known as Facebook Lite in different ways. This mode is not the same as the standard Facebook-free mode, which you already know about. In this article, you will know How to Change Your Facebook from Free Mode to Data Mode.

How to Change Your Facebook from Free Mode to Data Mode
How to Change Your Facebook from Free Mode to Data Mode

Also note that, any Facebook user that preferred using Facebook lite is likely or can use Facebook free mode.

What is Facebook Free Mode?

The Facebook Free Mode is an internet bundle offered by most ISPs in the world. This feature is present among network operators in third-world countries where internet bundles are really expensive. This offer has been helpful and it makes it possible to communicate with friends and family on Facebook for free.

The data model and the zero or free mode are the two most common settings for the Facebook app. For those using Facebook Lite, the same modes also apply.

Remember that, on Facebook lite, Facebook free mode clearly means that you can use the FB lite version to browse without any cost of data charges.

What Are The Features of Facebook Free Mode on Facebook Lite

The same features that appear when you are browsing with Facebook free mode on the main app also appear in Facebook lite’s free mode. Below are some of the things you may expect while using free mode:

  • You can’t see pictures while browsing for free on Facebook lite
  • You will be denied to access videos nor to view stories a
  • You are allowed certainly to text chat.

These are the basic things that you experience while using Facebook lite to browse for free and most contents you get to access will be text formats only.

How to Set Free Mode on Facebook Lite

Activating free mode on the FB lite app is not a big deal nor a difficult task. It’s important to know the measures you want to take and that you take them accurately. These are steps to take while setting your free mode on FB lite:

  • Open the Facebook lite app on Your iOS or Android device.
  • Login your account
  • Immediately you logged in to your account, at the right side of your Facebook page on Facebook lite, check“Go to Free”
  • Proceed to tap on “Go to free”.

If you follow the steps above without making mistakes then, you have then launched the free Facebook mode on Facebook Lite successfully.

How to Change Your Facebook from Free Mode to Data Mode

You might be tired or bored of using free mode because you can’t view pictures and videos and want to change it back to data mode. Therefore, you have to learn the steps on how to change Your Facebook account from the free mode to data mode. Data mode allows you to see pictures, movies, and other media. Follow the steps below to activate data mode on Facebook lite:

  • On the free mode page, check the top part of the page and locate “See Photos” the same way you launched the free mode.
  • Click on “See Photo”.
  • Click on ‘Use data’ to remove or turn off the ‘Facebook Free Mode.

Facebook free mode is quite cool while using it. You have no excuse not to be on Facebook today with your personal account because the site has stepped up attempts to improve connectivity between friends, families, and well-wishers and now offers a free option to do so.



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