How to Advertise on Facebook Ad – Facebook Ads | How to Set Up Facebook Ads

So many people mostly business owners asked this question How to Advertise on Facebook Ad. I own a small business and I’m new on Facebook, I don’t know how to advertise my product. How can I do it? I want you to know that Facebook ads are paid messages from a business that is written in their voice and to help people who matter most to them.

How to Advertise on Facebook Ad - Facebook Ads | How to Set Up Facebook Ads

I also want to let you know that advertisers create campaigns that have specific goals, which is called advertising objectives and they create ads within those campaigns in other to helps them reach those objectives. For example, a business may create a campaign all because they want to get more people to visit their website.

How to Advertise on Facebook Ad

When you create ads within that campaign, they will choose images, text and an audience that they may think will help them get that increase in visitors. Running your ads across platforms and devices is very easy.

You just have to build your ad one, and then select automatic placements to run your ad in the places that are most likely to achieve your campaign goals. To advertise on the Facebook platform, you must have a Facebook account which means signing in to Facebook, where you create your Facebook business page to run your advertising.

But first, you must have a Facebook account to run your operation. We are going to look out of this step how to sign in to Facebook, how you can create a business page, and how you can advertise on Facebook. But first, we must begin from the start.

Facebook Sign In

Before you begin any advertising on Facebook, have it in mind that you must become a Facebook account holder. in the sense that you need to sign in to Facebook to go to where you can be able to log in to your business page.

  • Go to Google play store or your phone web browsers to search for
  • Click into sign in
  • Enter your email address, or your phone number
  • Enter your username, date of birth, password, and gender
  • Then click create an account to finished creating the account
  • A confirmation code will be sent through your email or phone number
  • Confirm your mail address or your phone number.

Now that this step is finished the next that we are going to look out, is how to create your Facebook business page.

How to Create Facebook Business Page

Follow the steps below to create your business page before you can set up Facebook ads for your business.

  • Go to your Facebook homepage if you have an account.
  • Then click the page tab on the homepage, you will find it at the left corner of the screen.
  • Tap the create tab at the top of the page and name your page.
  • Choose your category and click next.
  • Upload a photo of your business picture and also a cover photo and tap next and that’s all for that.

These are the steps in which you can create a page on Facebook for your business.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads

How to Advertise on Facebook Ad, you just need to follow this step by step. don’t rush it take all your time. To start advertising on Facebook, all you just have to do is to follow these tips below.

  • Log in to your Facebook ads manager and select the campaigns tab.
  • Click creates to get started with a new Facebook ad campaign.
  • Facebook offers 11 marketing objectives base on what you want your ad to accomplish
  • Choose a campaign objective base on your goals for this particular ad
  • Name your campaign and click set up ad account to continue
  • Target your audience at the top of this green, you will name your Facebook ad campaign and choose which page to promote.
  • Choose your Facebook ad placements
  • Select your budget and schedule
  • Create your ad

You just have to follow this information by providing all their forms required. If you make use of these steps, and you still want to know more, then don’t forget to connect them through their help center.

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