How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car? – How to Paint a Car at Home

Are you interested in giving your car a new look? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, the question “How much does it cost to paint a car?” would be answered. In addition to this, you would be educated on how to paint your car at home in order to save cost. So, keep on reading.

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car
How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car

There is no fixed interval with which you need to paint your car. However, there are some factors that may necessitate the need you painting your car. This may be because the metals on your car are rusted, you are tired of the original color or you want to sell the car. Also, you may have been involved in an accident that damaged the look of your car.

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car?                          

Painting your car enhances its beauty and also gives it protection. You may want to renew the original color of your car or give it a new look by entirely changing its color. This is not a bad move. The cost of painting a car ranges from about a hundred dollars and above and this is dependent on factors such as:

  • The Quality and Color of the Paint: Sometimes, you may not like the color of your car anymore. This happens sometimes. The quality and color of the paint you wish to use for your car are very important because the more quality the paint, the more expensive it is. Also, painting your car black or white is less expensive than using a rare color.
  • The size of your car: You won’t expect to spend the same amount on painting a small car as you would for a large car. For example, a Large Chevrolet would cost more to paint than a small Toyota car. So, before you proceed to paint your car, you should put this into consideration.
  • The type of finishing: Based on what you prefer, you may want a Gloss, Semigloss or matte finishing. This can also affect the cost of painting your car.

These are some of the factors that affect the cost of painting your car. You should also take note that the more the cost, the more quality the painting.

How to Paint a Car

You may be looking for a cost-effective way to give your car a new look. If so, you could try painting your car by yourself. Before you proceed to paint your car, there are some tools and materials you would be needing. They include:

  • Gloss Paint (Your preferred color).
  • Foam brushes.
  • Old newspapers.
  • Paint trays.
  • Mineral spirits.
  • Sand Paper.
  • Primer and masking tape.
  • Respirator mask (this is necessary for your health).
  • Safety googles.
  • Coveralls and a hoodie.

With these materials and tools, you are ready to paint your car. In addition to this, you would be needing painting experience and also patience. You should also ensure that you prepare a suitable work area for this operation.

How to Paint a Car at Home

Before you proceed to painting your car at home, you should be aware that this not as easy as it looks and requires patience as you would be coating the car a couple of times. However, this should not discourage you as the step-by-step guide on how to paint your car at home would help you:

  • Prepare a ventilated and dust-free area for the work (make sure this environment is free of anything that may lead to a fire outbreak).
  • Pack all your Painting materials in a place where you can easily access them.
  • Remove every chrome or plastic trim from the surface of the car.
  • Clean the car and repair any rust with a metal grinder.
  • For larger rusts, you can use an auto body filler.
  • Use the sandpaper on the surface of your car with a circular motion. The aim of this is to give your paint a smooth, clean and even surface to adhere to.
  • Clean your car again with a rag soaked in mineral spirit.
  • Cover the surfaces of your vehicle that you don’t want painted using masking tape and newspaper, such as mirrors, window trim, glass, grills, and door handles.
  • Prime the surface of your car from top to bottom.
  • Allow the primer cure as recommended by the manufacturer then add 1-2 more coats.
  • Sand the car again from top to bottom.
  • With this, you are ready to paint the car.
  • Apply the paint in thin and even coats using a side-to-side sweeping motion while holding your spray gun a few inches from your car’s surface.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s drying instructions and apply as many coats as you want.
  • After applying the last coat, sand the surface from top to bottom to remove the residues of powder.
  • Apply a coated lacquer and remove the masking tapes and old newspapers.
  • Buff the car either using your hand or a Buffing machine.

With this your car painting would be completed, this process may last up to six hours and remember to put on your safety clothes. In conclusion, it is not easy to paint your car, and it’s not always easy on your budget. However, the shiny finishing of your freshly painted car is worth it.



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