How Long to Charge a Car Battery – Causes of Dead or Flat Car Battery

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear about charging their battery is how long to charge a car battery charge it. So, if you are among those people that have that type of question on their mind through this article you will be able to know everything consigning how long to charge a car battery.

How Long to Charge a Car Battery
How Long to Charge a Car Battery

If you want to do this job safely Charging a dead car battery is more than simply hooking up a charger. If you have to remove the battery you should know which terminal to remove first, on the charger which terminal to hook up first, how long to charge a dead car battery, and more.

How Long to Charge a Car Battery

Moreover, talking about how long it takes to charge a car battery. it will take 2 to 4 hours to fully charge a car battery with a 20 Amp battery charger and 12 to 24 hours with a 4 Amp charger. On the car battery and the charger’s power output, the charging time heavily depends on it.

For cars battery chargers the most common rate is around 4 amps. It will take at least about 1o hour to fully charge a battery that has the size of 52 Ah from dead to fully loaded, but your car can start within an hour probably.

To find out how much ampere it’s giving out you have to look at your car battery charger. Your car battery charges faster with the use of High amperes chargers. Maintenance charging of your battery over long periods of low ampere is better.

Your car battery size and the battery type have to be looked at. Usually, a battery of size 40-80Ah is what a mid-sized car uses. The kind of car battery also has to take into mind. To a regular wet battery, an AGM/GEL battery can charge up a bit faster.

Can You Charge a Car Battery While it Still Connected

Well, most people are wondering if it is ok to charge your car battery while it is connected if you are among those people, you will be able to know if it is important to remove your car battery while charging.

Moreover, charging your battery while the terminal is connected to your car is quite safe there is no harm in doing that. if your car isn’t garaged while you’re recharging, it may be more practical to disconnect it and recharge it in a safe place within the home. Which negates the need to have electric cables running outside your home.

Is it Better to Jump-Start the Car or Charge the Battery

It is better to recharge the battery in the long run, a jump start may just do the job that is if you are in emergencies. You boost the engine’s failing battery with a second battery when you jump-start a car, usually on another car. Positive to positive and negative to negative you connect the jump leads to the two battery terminals.

After that, car’s engine running at a fast tick over with the booster if you allow the failing battery to take a little boost charge and the car should be probably to start. Then, the battery should begin to recharge itself when you run the engine.

Causes of Dead or Flat Car Battery

So, if you are among people asking this question on the web about the cause of dead or flat car battery you will be able to know the cause. You just need to read below.

A Dead or flat battery can be caused by a number of things, something in the electrical system that is causing a battery drain, such as lights being left on, or even a faulty battery that do not hold its charge in the right order. Corrosion and cold weather and general wear and tear can also cause your battery to fail meaning it could be time to buy a new one, or inject new life into the old one.



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