Highest Paying Jobs 2022 – Best Highest Paying Jobs of 2022

Highest Paying Jobs 2022. Hello, do you want to know the highest-paying jobs in 2022? If you do, then why don’t you continue reading and then grab all the information? Now today I am going to be talking about the highest-paying jobs this year has to offer. So if you want to earn or make some more money, then don’t stop reading.

Highest Paying Jobs 2022

Highest Paying Jobs 2022

Many people in different parts of the world simply want to know about this particular topic. They want to see the one that is very beneficial to them and then start working immediately. That will never be a problem once you have read and understood what it all means or takes.

You just have to read all the reviews I have given below for a better understanding.

Best Highest Paying Jobs of 2022

Here are the best high-paying jobs you can simply apply for in 2022, which I have listed below along with a brief review.


Now, specializing in the field of surgery is simply a challenging, gratifying, and monumental venture. However, this demanding job then certainly pays off. In the United States, a general surgeon can make around $3,75,000 per year. Similarly, Canadian general surgeons earn around $3,50,000 a year. General surgeons are not paid as much and get approximately $1,015,153 in the United Kingdom. Of course, if you simply manage to specialize in a certain field of surgery, the prospect of earning more money is then higher.


Dentistry, as we all know, is the second profession on this list of the highest paying jobs as they simply earn around $1,73,000 annually in the United States. In the UK, they make about £75,634 on average. Furthermore, Canadian dentists can also expect to earn as much as $78,281 a year. Therefore, while dental school is expensive, it is one of the degrees that simply helps make the most money.

Engineering Manager

Engineering managers are also responsible for the management, supervision, and even development of a multitude of organizational projects. Choosing a STEM field like this one in college can simply increase your chances of landing a high-paying job. Engineering managers make or earn about $1,33,000 in the US, $73,062 in Canada, and $91,165 in the UK. Some Canadian engineering managers earn more than $190,000 per year.

IT Systems Manager

As we flourish in this golden age of technology, it’s no wonder that IT system managers have simply excellent prospects for making big bucks. In the US, IT system managers can then expect to make or earn about $93,000, whereas Canadian IT managers make up to $67,615 every year. In the UK, their salaries simply run at an average of $54,807. And this figure will only increase with time.

Corporate Lawyer

The profession of corporate law is also one of the top careers that pay well and even primarily deals with counseling clients and handling various business transactions. As a successful corporate lawyer, you can make as much as $1,30,000 in the US. However, corporate lawyers in Canada do earn or make a relatively lower salary and get $89,646 USD a year. In the UK, corporate lawyers make £1,04,365.

Marketing Manager

Nowadays, the success of a company simply depends on how well they market its products and services. Needless to say, the demand for marketing managers is very high. They work on the development and implementation of marketing plans for their organization. On average, marketing managers can simply make or earn quite a lot. In the USA, the median salary is $78,000; $52,186 in the UK; and $53,173 in Canada.

Airline Captain

Experienced airline captains are in high demand by leading airline companies in the US and UK. These professionals can make or earn as much as $1,61,000 in the US and around $64,567 in Canada. In the UK, these airline captains can also make or earn a whopping £140,000 per annum. However, these figures might then vary according to different airlines.

Senior Data Scientist

Senior data scientists are the ones who make data-driven solutions possible and are highly sought-after in the corporate world. They simply provide advanced expertise in business development and are also one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. These professionals can expect to make $1,05,000 a year in the US and $54,782 in the UK. In Canada, data scientists can simply get around $62,502. More and more in demand by the day, data scientists will soon make it to the top of this list of highest-paying jobs.

Software Engineer

The field of software engineering offers plenty of opportunities for you to earn a decent salary. A skilled senior software engineer can then make or earn $94,000 in the USA and $46,956 in the UK. Senior software engineers in Canada can then earn or make $56,965 per year.

Investment Analyst

According to LinkedIn insights, investment analysts in the US simply make or earn about $70,000 a year. On the other hand, investment bankers in the UK and also in Canada make up to $52,158 and $53,141, respectively. These figures have been associated with some of the banking firms in these countries and also do not represent the greater majority.


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