Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship – Features of Poor Relationships

“Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship” A relationship is a deep feeling of affection, romance, concern, and being passionate about another person.

Features of Unhealthy Relationship
Features of Unhealthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is the respect partners have for each other’s decisions, independence, respect for each other’s boundaries, and being confident that they can both rely on and have each other’s back.

Features of A Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationships have some features that we should learn and expect in a relationship. Below are features of a healthy relationship:

Good Communication: discuss things that are important to the relationship, listen to each other,  in case of misunderstanding be honest and open to avoid miscommunication.

Dealing With Argument: we all get angry and it’s ok to argue with each other it helps you express your feeling, but the way we express ourselves can affect the partnership. You can handle your healthy relationship in ways like Staying Calm, Don’t Accuse it’s better to explain than to accuse your partner, Step Back when tempers are hot, and Talk about it later aim for a solution instead of winning the argument.

Honesty: when you feel comfortable talking to each other including concerns and problems. It strengthens and builds trust in a relationship.

Trust: when you believe in someone and their promises. Give each other the benefit of doubt.

Confidence: it is good for partners to have confidence in themselves, express how they without forcing words on themselves. It also helps to relate to people.

Support: is being cared for and respected. They listen to each other, help solve problems and show support in a healthy relationship.

What is an Unhealthy Relationship?

An unhealthy relationship is a one-sided relationship that lacks integrity, honesty, and genuine love. It can affect someone psychologically.

Features of Unhealthy Relationship

It’s best for youth to know the signs of unhealthy Relationships and back out before it’s too late. Below are features of Unhealthy Relationships:

Threat and Intimidation: trying to control the other’s life by threatening them (to harm you or harm themselves) which makes them fearful and timid. It’s another way of manipulation.

Disrespect:  Has different forms, it often feels like rejection, when you ridicule or make fun of the interest or opinion of the other person. It might also mean someone being dismissive of the other person, and also when you compare them to other people. It may lead to embarrassment, hurting feelings, shame, and also feeling low.

Dishonesty: telling lies, keeping secrets and infidelity can destroy trust in a relationship.

Physical Abuse: one Partner uses violence to get his or her way. (Push you, hit you, or destroy your things).

Control: they make all the decisions, tell you what to wear, what to do, who to hang out with due to jealousy, and force you to do things against your will.

Sexual Violence: Pressurize or force the other into sexual intercourse against their consent or will.

Lack of communication: if there is no communication then there will be no foundations to build a healthy relationship. There are a lot of misunderstandings that never get worked out.

It’s good to educate ourselves about the importance of respect in a relationship before engaging in any relationship. If you maintain an open line of communication it can form a healthy relationship, and if you recognize the signs of an unhealthy Relationship you can prevent the violence before it starts.


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