7 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Sister In December

7 Happy New Month Prayers for your sister in December 2022 – Happy new month wishes have become a lifestyle for some people.

7 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Sister In December 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Sister In December 2022

On the birth of a new month, people send happy new month wishes to their loved ones,  family members, mentors, sweethearts, etc

In this article, we will be focusing on 7 New Month Prayers for your sister in December 2022. Let’s see the prayer.

7 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Sister In December 2022

In this content, you will be seeing the 7 Happy New Month Prayers for your sister in December 2022. These new month’s messages will be loving ones that your sister will be so grateful for.

However, there are prayers that will bond up your relationship with your blood sister even months after. Let’s see the list of new month prayers you can send to your sister, they are as follows;

Prayer of Provision in the New Month

The happy new month of December 2022 Sister. I pray for you, in this new month may the window of heaven be open and pour out an abundance of provisions for you. You will not have enough room to contain them

Prayer of Protection

In this new month my dear sister, I pray for you that no evil will know your address nor come near you and yours. You are covered in the shadow of the wings of the almighty God. You are protected against all evil assault. Happy new month.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Happy new month sister. Welcome to this blessed new month, thank God for your life, family and your endeavours.

In this new month, I thank God for you, may your month be filled with happiness, joy, peace and many more

Prayer of Promotion

In this new month, I decree and declare to you my sister, that you will be promoted above your equals. The promotion comes from above, from the father of all, therefore you will experience Promotion in all your endeavours.

Prayer of Favor

You are blessed and highly favoured by God and men. Let the grace of God’s called favour become your portion in this new month.

May God favour you in this new month, bless you in all ramifications, and crown your efforts with good success. The happy new month my dear.

New Month  Prayer of Direction

A new month is a blessed one all ready for you. May God guide your steps and direct your path. The lines are fallen for you in pleasant places, may the angels of God guide and direct you in this new month.

New Month Prayer of Good Health

With Long life shall the almighty God satisfy you and show you his salvation. You shall enjoy the sound and good health in this new month. No plague nor affliction shall come near you.

Happy New Month Massages And Wishes for your Sister in December 2022

There are many new month Messages and wishes that you can send to your loved one especially your sister in December;

  • In this new month may you enjoy more than everlasting joy unspeakable and many more. Do have a pleasant new month
  • May the lord guide you to the right pathway of undeniable success and greatness. Happy new month dear Sis.
  • May you experience miracles all around, happy new month dear Sister.
  • Since our mother left you have fulfilled up the vacuum, so well that I can’t feel that mama is more. In this new month, I pray for you, may you enjoy great abundance, health, and lifting all through the remaining days of this month.
  • Welcome to a brand new month Sister. It shall be your month of great laughter, favour, abundance, sound health and more. May all your heart desires this month comes to pass.
  • In this new month may you experience beautiful happenings and events just right for you. Open doors and good success.
  • I just want to wish you a happy new month my sister, enjoy more grace.
  • God’s hand rest mighty upon your life even in this new month. May this month be full of fun


When you pray for your sister, you are praying for yourself too.  Sending your sister a new month’s Massages continue to build that family bond stronger.



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