Gospel Songs List – List of Gospel Songs | Where to Download Gospel Songs


Are you looking for gospel songs that you can listen to, here I have Gospel Songs List right just for you guys? In this article you won’t find anything other things that are different from gospel songs, all that I will be talking about is just on gospel songs and I am going to list out some of them out for you to see.

Gospel Songs List - List of Gospel Songs | Where to Download Gospel Songs

For those of us who are looking for gospel songs that they can listen to, you should know that they are many of them on the internet that you can download and listen to. Without wasting our time, I will like us to go deeper into the article proper. Read down the following paragraph to know more and to see the list of gospel songs.

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Gospel Songs List

This paragraph is the continuation of the paragraph above, although I have talked so much about the header in the paragraph above I want us to know these. Listening to gospel songs is very nice because they are songs that are used in worshipping God Almighty.

Gospel songs are always used in the church by choirs and as an individual, you can also play gospel songs in your various home whenever you want. There are no many things to write about on gospel songs because we all do know what gospel songs are, right now I want to list out some songs that are gospel’s that you can download or listen to whenever you want.

List of Some Gospel Songs

As I have said there are so many songs that are gospel but I will be listing out just 20 of them out. We have;

  • Too faithful by Moses Bliss.
  • Hallelujah no go finish by Freke Umoh.
  • Oh Jesus by Mercy Chinwo.
  • Toya by Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton.
  • More than God by Judikay.
  • Open up by Dunsin Oyekan.
  • Good (Life) by Okey Sokay.
  • Stronger Tower by Nathaniel Bassey.
  • E Dey Work by Samsong.
  • In my boat by Folabi Nuel.
  • Right now by De-Ola.
  • Oh ya love by the Gratitude.
  • Jehovah daalu by Pat Uwaje-king.
  • Your way by Seyi Israel.
  • Kpansa Kpansa by Testimony.
  • Shyne by Laolu Gbenjo.
  • Alelo by Daddy Verse.
  • Brotherly love by Henrisoul.
  • I thank you Lord by Beauty Obodo.
  • Iyanu by IBK.

These are the list of the 20 gospel songs that I have to you about and now let look at where you can download them from.

Where to Download Gospel Songs

They are so many websites where you can download gospel music from and they are;


This is a website where you can all kinds of gospel songs. This site is basically only for gospel songs. The URL to visit this site is Jesusful. Enter the URL on your web browser and the URL will direct you to the website.

How to Download on Jesusful Website

To download from the site these are the steps on how you can. Download from it.

  • Visit the website on your web browser.
  • You can search for the song name you want to download by clicking on the menu icon at the top of the site homepage.
  • Click on the song after searching for it and then click the download mp3 link or button below.

After which the song will start downloading.


Gospelhotspot is also another website you can also download anything gospel songs from. This site is also made for only gospel songs too. Many people don’t know about this platform for sure, now you know that there is also a site where you can download gospel songs to listen to. Now, let talk about how you can download songs from it.

How to Download Gospelhotspot Gospel Songs

One thing about downloading songs is not difficult at all once you can access the site you can download any song from it. The instructions below will teach you how you can download the songs.

  • On your web browser, visit Gospelhotspot.
  • While you are on the website, you can look for the song you want to download or search for the song you want to download.
  • You can click on the search icon there to perform a search and when you have entered the song name.
  • Click on the song and tap on the download link below.

With the steps above you can download a song you which to download.


We also have nicegospel which is a gospel song platform. As the name implies, you should know that it is a gospel site. All the sites that I have mentioned before this one is gospel sites. They are also other sites where you can get gospel songs from. Which we have Xclusivegospel, Naijamusic, Gospelminds, and we also have Dailygospelvibe. Let come to the conclusion of this article on how you can download songs from nicegospel site.

How to Download Nicegospel Songs

The following steps are how you can download songs on this platform.

  • Visit Nicegospel on your browser.
  • Then scroll to look for the song you want to download or search for the name of the song.
  • Click on the song, then tap the “Download” button.

These are all the reviews about the gospel songs list and the sites where you can download the songs and how you can download them.

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