Google Shop – How Does Google Shopping Work?

The Google Shop platform is accessible to millions of users out there who want to shop and compare all of Google product prices online. It is available both as a mobile app or as a mobile app in countries like the US, but just as web in other countries like France.

Google Shop
Google Shop

The platform is fun to access and navigate. All of Google Products can be searched, bought, and compared on the platform. If you haven’t heard about this shop before, or you still don’t understand about it, then read this article.

Google Shop

This is a hardware retail store that is operated by Google, which sells all of its products. On this platform, one can purchase Google Pixel devices, Google Nest products, Stadia, Chromecast dongles, Fitbit devices, and accessories like earbuds, phone cases, chargers, and keyboards.

Once a time, it also sold Nexus, Daydream, and Cardboard devices until the discontinuation of the joint system. The best way of accessing Google Shop is directly on the website you can also search for a regular item on Google and tap or click on the Shopping option if available under the search bar to access the service.

Google Shopping

It can also be referred to as by different names like Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle. This shopping website is different from other online shopping websites.

Google Shopping is actually one of the services provided to millions of users to get Google products online. It was announced during a Marketing Live event that the coming of Google Shop will be integrated with Google Express Marketplace.

What is Google Shopping?

This is a service from Google the pack’s products from a wide range of online vendors in a searchable format. For users, the service is for making finding and purchasing products easier, and offering comparisons between sellers’ listings on a particular item that allow buyers to choose the best item at best price.

It is originally known as Froogle, it features items as thumbnail images that display items, prices, and the shop it is coming from. As of April 2020, any online operator can list and sell products on Google Shopping for free.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

The platform operates with two other platforms which include AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant center helps provide tools so users can make their product go live. While AdWords is a section where you can create a smart shopping campaign and also shopping ads.

Google Shopping lets users compare Google’s range of products online and on local stores in other to help them save more as well as get the best product. On the platform, shoppers have to access and utilize the Google Search homepage for comparison.

Search queries can be entered on the search bar also. After inputting your search term, clicking on the shopping icon will direct you to a list of products you can compare with prices and quality.

Google Shopping App

As said earlier, other than the web version via, there is also an app available to some regions. This app is designed and available on both iOS and Android devices.

Google Shopping App Download

Follow the steps below to download the app on either your iOS or Android device:

  • Head to your device App Store or Play Store
  • Enter the keyword Google Shopping
  • Click on the app from the list of options. Ensure you tap on the right one with industry as Google
  • Next, tap on Download for Android devices or Get for iOS devices

After downloading, the app will automatically install and be saved to your mobile phone.

How to Search for Product on Google Shopping

After downloading the app, the next step is utilizing the service it offers. Follow the steps below to search for products on Google Shopping:

  • Launch the app or head to
  • Type in the name of the product to compare the page
  • Click on the search icon at the bottom of the navigation bar

You can use search filters like the order history, browse department, trending items, and others. With this, you can compare the prices of products and if you want to purchase an item, you just have to add it to your shopping cart.


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