Google Keyboard – Features of Gboard | Built-in Google Search

Are you looking for a nice keyboard that you can use your smartphone, here is Google Keyboard? This type of keyboard is meant for smartphones, it can’t be used on computers or PCs. The Google keyboard has so much featured attacked and if you are willing to learn more about the article the paragraph below will tell you more about it.

Google Keyboard - Features of Gboard | Built-in Google Search

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Google Keyboard

What is google keyboard, well this is all about the keyboard. As I have said before that it is an app for smartphones. You can also call it Gboard, and it is a virtual keyboard app that is developed by the Google company for native android and iOS devices. This app was first launched on iOS devices in the year 2016 and later launched on Android devices that same year but as of December of 2016. It supports the use of voice typing and search, and also theme customizing features.

Features of Gboard

This app is so much amazing because there are so many features that this app has. And that is what we are looking into right now below.

Built-in Google Search

The built-in Google search is one of the most talked features, the google search is an in-built search that is built on the google keyboard. You can make any search without going to your web browser, all you just have to do just to click on the “G” icon on the keyboard. That takes us to the next feature which is the spacebar.

Spacebar as a Trackpad

Do you know what the spacebar trackpad is? As we all know that it is difficult to place a small cursor in the right spot where it belongs where you need to amend any mistake when typing. The Gboard helps you to solve the problem whereby it allows you to control the cursor by using the spacebar key. All you need to do is just swipe your finger left or right on the spacebar for you to move the cursor in the respective direction. Another thing about these is that if you can’t swipe up or down to move the cursor between lines. But you can use the old format of tapping to quickly place your cursor anywhere you like it to be.

Quickly Delete Multiple Words

Do you know how to delete multiple words, this feature is there to help with it. You know deleting sentence one after the other takes time. The Gboard allows you to delete all sentences all at once, you don’t have to be clicking the backspace button too many times before you can wipe off all texts. All you have to do is just to tap on the delete key and swipe it to the left, doing this all the words will be deleted before a second.

Search for Emojis and GIFs

This is also another feature that Gboard has, it is responsible for searching for emojis and also GIFs when typing. Normally, you all do make use of emojis and gifs when chatting on social media. The Gboard provides you with emojis and gifs for chatting and also typing.

Multilingual Typing

So many of us do not about these features, even myself I don’t know until I started using the Gboard app on my device. Do you know that you can use multiple languages without you needing to switch between them? All you need to do is to specify the language you want to use and Gboard will automatically detect the language and offer predictions according to the language.

For you to access it, you just have to click on the “G” button or icon and tap the settings button. Enter language and click “Add Keyboard”. Now you can choose the language you want and click it, it will automatically download and available to your Gboard. There are so many features also like we have glide typing, to add a permanent number row, one hand mode, capitalize words easily, and quickly enter symbols. Now let us talk about how you can download the app into your smartphone device.

Download Google Keyboard

To download this keyboard of google, you have to access some steps for you to get it.

  • Go to your app store and then search for “Gboard” through the search bar.
  • Then click the search button and then click the install button or download button.

After downloading the app, and if you are using the google play store. The app will automatically install itself after the downloading process is completed. But if you are using another app store, you have to locate the app and in your file manager and have it installed. And after installing it, open the app and then follow the on-screen instructions given there.