Google Japan – Google Search Japan | Steps to Switch Your Google to Japan

Who among us viewing through this article can tell me what Google Japan is? Is there any, well if you have been searching about this same thing about the google japan. This is the right you should be and also the right article that will explain all that you need to know about the topic you see above.

Google Japan - Google Search Japan | Steps to Switch Your Google to Japan

Google Japan

What you are seeing up here is a service that the Google company has put into the platform since the day google platform was launched. The google japan is said to be a subsidiary of Google, Inc. The google company is represented in japan along with offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

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If you are to search for stuff within japan on google, google japan is responsible to give you results mainly on japan’s search. You can’t just open your Google browser and start using it, of which there are settings that you need to do on the Google page before you can begin to receive results on japan searches.


This is also a way of changing your google country to other countries. What I have trying to say is that when you install a browser on your mobile device or computer and you search for something. The search result will be of the country where you install the browser on, and you know that whenever you search for something on any web browser the search result will be of the country you are browsing from. But the Google platform has made it easy for you and me, you can change your search to be showing you results from other countries like the one we have here “JAPAN”.

Google Search Japan

The service is like translating your browser from the English language into japan language. Due to my trial, I find out that after switching to japan as my search result language. All my search result turn into japan language if I should how possible is this. Well, below this paragraph I am going to direct you on how you can switch your google web browser from the country it was to another country since we are talking about Japan.

How to switch to Google Japan

Switching is also the same as switching tp japan. You know that Japan is a country and you are free to change to japan anytime you want to. The guideline below is to direct you on how you can change to google japan.

  • Access your web browser on your device and visit
  • Then make a search, you can search for anything that comes to your mind like “What is Gmail” or any other thing.
  • After that, the result will come upon the nest page where you will see a direct write up of what you have searched for.
  • Now, to change the browser to japan. Click on the “Settings” option at the top of the homepage.
  • Then click “Search Settings” and scroll to the very end of the page.
  • You will see “Region Settings”, below the regions or countries listed below it. You will see “Show More” click on it.
  • Now, you have to look for “JAPAN” and when you find it click it and then scroll down that same page and hit on “Save”.

Now, You will be asked to verify if you are a human by clicking of the human box on the nest page. And after the verification, your region is changed from the previous region to a new region which is japan. You can change it from japan to other regions if you wish to, the service is for free.

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