Google Home Assistant and Smart Speaker: Google Nest Smart Speakers

Google Home Assistant and Smart Speaker is the AI virtual assistant and Google’s version of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa which is developed by Google and built into smart devices such as speakers, home devices, and smartphones. Launched in 2016 and written in C++ and coupled with machine learning to enable it to get smarter.

Google Home Assistant and Smart Speaker: Google Nest Smart Speakers

The number of things the Google voice assistant varies and includes but not limited to answering a question, checking your calendar and travel plans, and even setting your alarm through voice commands, voice-activated device control.

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Google Home Assistant and Smart Speaker

Google Assistant can recognize various voice ‘profiles’ for different people so it can decipher who is talking and therefore. It can tailor its responses fittingly (this update was introduced in April 2017). With more and more interaction and which new update, Google Assistant understands context and therefore reacts in a better and smarter way than the first time as this is important in giving voice control and power to be better reactive. Despite its amazing intelligence a lot of people prefer to use the voice assistant on our smartphones.

Google’s Smart Speaker (officially termed Google Home) is a family of devices – think Addams family but for speakers, that are part of Google’s home offering. The smart speakers include Google Home, Nest Mini, Home Max, Nest Hub, and the Nest Hub Max. All the smart speakers are imbued with the power of the Google Assistant.

Google Smart Speaker

The speakers are all WIFI enabled speakers that can also double up as smart home control hubs and personal assistants. They can also be used for playback entertainment within your home. The speakers all differ in terms of technical specifications, design, and price but their functionality pretty much is the same. Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max all come with a display unlike Google Home, Nest Mini and Home Max making them perfect for smart home control and their displays can be also used for video playback.

The Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max come packing a 7-inch and 10-inch displays as well as a Nest camera. The displays allow viewing of YouTube videos, control other smart devices using the touch screen to read the news, and also view Google Assistant-compatible camera feeds.

More recent updates have brought about functionalities such as the synchronization of multiple speakers for music playback, the smart home automation feature which can be used as a central hub for controlling smart devices compatible with Google Assistant, hands-free calling, Bluetooth audio streaming from compatible devices is also enabled.

What Google Home Assistant Do

They can double as smart home control hubs and personal assistant…. for the family. In addition to the voice command functionality. The Google Home speakers have a set of physical controls that offer limited functions. Such as changing the volume, muting the microphone. And handling the play and pause functions of the music interface. These are the highlights of the Google Home smart speakers:

  • Finding your phone.
  • Reminding you to workout.
  • Act as a smart home control hub.
  • Synchronization and subsequent broadcast of every google home device in your home.
  • Play white noise to help you sleep.
  • Hands-free calling.
  • Multiple commands.
  • Night mode.
  • Tracking lists and appointments.

As you should expect from top software giants like Google more and more updates will keep coming out with each new iteration. The model thereby increasing the functionality and smartness of the Google Home assistant. And its speakers improving the sound quality and hardware.

We should expect more and more wow factors each year attached to the launch of each new smart speaker.

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