Google Cloud Backup – Google Cloud Backup Price | Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Backup is a service that provides its users with a system for storage, backup, and the recovery of computer documents and files. There are online backup providers that are always available to provide this service to users and clients, and such backup services are also referred to as cloud computing.

Google Cloud Backup - Google Cloud Backup Price | Google Cloud Storage

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Google Cloud Backup

This backup service is also known as online backup and it saves as backing up data, which involves the actions of sending a copy of your data over a public network to an off-site server. The companies that stand as service providers for backing up, offers that stand as service providers for a free based capacity to backup customers and other numbers of users.

In the enterprise, the off-site server usually belongs to the company, but the charges method is meant to be similar. As another form of the cloud storage service, this cloud backup service is stored and accessed from a large range of connected tools that are made up of the cloud services.

The companies or cloud backup providers enable users and customers to always access the company’s services using a secure and safe log-in application to back up the files and documents contained in the customer’s computer or mobile phone or data center.

Advantages of Using Google Cloud Backup

Lots of businesses and enterprises have been increasing widely due to their activities of using some of the Google services, and it is very necessary to make use of a backup service that will keep your data and information safe and secured.

Without safekeeping, your company or enterprise can lose relevant data and files through malicious software or other occurrences. Below are a few ways in which you can benefit when you are using a Google Cloud Backup.

  • Reliability
  • Safe and secure transfer of files
  • Lower costs
  • Enhance safeguards

How to Access Google Cloud Backup

Google offers you simple and convenient ways to save and backup your files, documents, and data from your mobile phones and computers. To backup your photos, data, videos, settings, and apps are easy.

For Android Devices

Here you are going to learn how you can back up your files on your Android devices, starting from your photos and videos to your apps and settings on your Android phone.

To Back Up Photos and Videos;
  • Download and install the “Google Photos” app from your Google play store on
  • Open the photos or videos you want to backup on your android phone.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Click on settings
  • Save the pictures to Google Drive.
  • Look if your files are been backed up by going to open the Google Photos app.
To Backup Your Apps and Settings
  • Open your settings on your Android device.
  • Click on personal and select “accounts”.
  • Click on “Google” and choose the account you want to sync.
  • Then go to the settings again.
  • Click on “personal” and select “accounts”.
  • Tap “Backup my data” and then hit on the “auto restore” or “automatic restore.”
  • Choose the account to sync
  • Check all the boxes.
To Backup Your Data
  • Go to settings and click on “personal”.
  • Select “backup and reset”.
  • Click on “backup my data”.
  • Choose a backup account.
  • Log in to your google account.
  • Restore your data.
  • Restore app settings. By going to settings, tap on “personal” and also tap on “backup and then “reset.” The last thing to do is to click on “automatic restore”.

We are done discussing how you can back up your files on your mobiles, it is now time to talk about other devices like your computer.

How to Backup Your Computer

To back up your computer system, simply install a backup client such as Mac and Windows on your computer, then choose the files you would like to backup. After that, the files will be automatically added to Google’s servers and synced any time you make changes.

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