Google Assistant Will Finally Learn To Pronounce Your Contacts’ Names Correctly

Do you know that Google Assistant Will Finally Learn to Pronounce Your Contacts’ Names Correctly? Now, this is an update and users need to know about this, including you. Once you read this, you can share and make others know about this too.

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Will Finally Learn To Pronounce Your Contacts’ Names Correctly

Google Assistant Will Finally Learn To Pronounce Your Contacts’ Names Correctly

The Google Assistant is great for knowing weather forecasts, checking scores of my favorite sports teams, or asking it to show nearby restaurants. But one of the huge complaints with it is that when one tries to call a contact, it would often fail to recognize their name why?

It is so because of the diverse nature of the country names, people in my contacts, and their pronunciations vary a lot. So it might be hard for Google Assistant to correctly identify all of them every single time.

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Well to solve this problem, Google is rolling out a new update to the Assistant, which lets you teach it the pronunciation of specific contacts. This update will give you an option to either record your own voice or spell out the pronunciation. You can check out how the feature works in the video below:

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Now once you record it, the Assistant will recognize that name immediately and exactly the way you said it. The new tool is part of Google Assistant’s upgrade that brings a better understanding of context through the company’s BERT language model, accurate ways to set and cancel multiple timers, and also improved contextual conversations.

Well currently, the name learning feature will be available in English, and also the company plans or aims to expand it to other languages very soon. Also, Google said that this function will be available to users in the next few days, and if it has been released then I will surely write a guide on how to use it.

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