Gateway Authentication Failure ATT – Fix Gateway Authentication Failure Error

Are you having a hard time trying to connect to the internet through the U-verse modem? If you are facing the issue and you are seeing a gateway authentication failure error, then this article is for you. cause in this article we will be giving the right answer to your questions. So, all you need to do is to go through this article, so you can understand it better and resolve your gateway authentication failure ATT issue without stress.

Gateway Authentication Failure ATT
Gateway Authentication Failure ATT

you know, sometimes loose cables or unproperly connected cables are the reason for the gateway authentication failure error. We need to be sure that the cables are properly fitted and connected. Also, check if the cable is plugged into the right ONT port.

Gateway Authentication Failure ATT

We see gateway authentication failure error while trying to connect to the internet only if the configuration settings are not proper. With a mistake or error in configuration settings, you are unable to connect to the internet via the U-Verse modem and see an error. It might also happen if the configuration file is corrupted due to sudden shutdowns.

gateway authentication failure error also occurs due to the build-up of corrupt launch configuration by the router. If you cannot read the corrupt file and show you the Gateway Authentication Failure while trying to connect to the internet. Let’s see how the error issue can be fixed and connect to the internet without hassle.

Fix Gateway Authentication Failure Error

Here are the steps for you to easily fix your gateway authentication failure error

  • Check the internet connection: one of the basic fixes we should try when we are having issues connecting to the internet is to check the status of the connection. one must make sure the connection is perfect without an outage situation.
  • Check the cable and ONT port: As said earlier sometimes loose cables or unproperly connected cables are the reason for the gateway authentication failure error. And not only that check the user manual of your modem and make sure everything is okay with the cable and ONT Port
  • Power Cycle the router: when we talk about the power cycle of the router, we are talking about removing the power supply to the router and unplugging all the cables from it. after that, you need to rest it for a while and reconnect everything. This lets the modem clear up the built internet cache which makes it hard to make new connections.
  • Reset the reconfigure the modem: resetting the last fix to get rid of the gateway authentication error. Resetting the modem is like taking it back to the factory settings. You can reset the modem this way. One is to hold the button for 20 seconds and press the reset button directly if a separate button is available.

If you are going through a gateway authentication failure error following the above steps carefully you will easily resolve that issue.

How the Reset AT&T U Verse Router or Modem

Whether you’re troubleshooting or setting up a new network, factory resetting your router or modem is sometimes necessary. AT&T U-Verse users can reset their devices to factory default, as well. And you should be aware that erasing data like your WiFi name and password. and make you have made up your mind to reset the device before proceeding.

  • Locate the factory reset button: look for the factory reset button on your AT&T U- Verse device. the reset button is usually red in color and located on the back of the device.
  • Hold the reset button: To initiate the factory reset, press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds. When you release the button, the device will begin the factory reset.
  • Wait for the reset to complete: Allow some time for the reset to complete. After about 5 minutes, restart the AT&T U-Verse device. your router should boot up with factory default settings.

Following the above instructions carefully you will reset at&t u verse router or modem without stress.



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