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Am very sure that not every one of us might have heard Fzstudios, most times some of us don’t take note of things whenever we visit any website. You may be wondering what fzstudios is all about and if it is a website or not.



Well, the title of this article which is the header you see above tells us of Fzmovies, we do know that Fzmovies is a movie downloading wapsite where you can download all kinds of movies from. Speaking of all kinds of movies does not include Tv series or tv shows movies, you can only download single movies, that is straight forward movies and that’s all.

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Back to the main objective of this content, here we are to learn and understand what fzstudios is and what it is used for. It is an application that you can download in other to access movies like the Fztv series, FzMovies, and also FzMusic.

This app is made for mobile smartphones, if you are using a smartphone you can quickly download this app in it. You are free to sign in to your Google account and you can also decide to leave it, the choice is you to make.


I believe you already know what the Fzmovies is and so many of us have been downloading from the site as well. We know that we can only download single movies from the site normally and that it has different categories of movies in it.

Like that of Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and Hollywood Dubbed movies. Under each of these categories that have just been mentioned here, there are other subcategories you will see under them, you can click on them to access the kind of movie you wish to download. And you can visit this part using this link https://fzmovies.host/.

FzTv Series

This is the second list on the fzstudios site, this is the place where you can download or watch any tv series or tv shows movies online via the site or the app. You can search for any kind of tv series movie you wish to watch or download by using the search box at the top of the Page. There are so many tv series movies on it, and you can browse them from A to Z.

Below the page, there are write-ups of tv series newly added. Which we have added categories of tv series lists like latest uploaded series, latest additions to DB, and latest uncategorized files (not yet added to DB). The same goes for the Fztv series https://fztvseries.mobi/. And that is all for the Fztv series.


Have you thought of downloading music from Fzmovies before, here is the opportunity to download your favorite mp3 songs with the help of Fzmusic. You can visit this part of the site using https://fzmusic.club/. Then you will see that each of the URLs that were provided for each category are different from the other.

The Fzmusic is just like every other music downloading website where you do normally download your songs from. You are free to download your favorite Nigerian songs, American songs, and Indian songs as well.

With the help of the search bar, you can easily find names of songs to download, just I have said before the website is free and available to anyone. The work of the Fzstudios now is like the homepage or the passage where you can access the movies part, Music part, and also the Tv series part.

Fzstudios Website

Just as said or mentioned earlier that you can access the studios’ platform of Fz on your web browser and that is where we have the URL as https://fzstudios.app/. Visiting this URL, you will be directed to the studio’s website of FZ site.

It is completely safe to install on your mobile device. It is said that Fzstudios is an official app made for Fzmovies, FzTvseries, and Fzmusic. You will find that out yourself once you visit the website.

Fzstudios App Download

Now, let talk about how you can download the app. After I have searched for the app on my smartphone app store I was unable to find it. You can only download the app from the website direct either by visiting www.fzmovies.net or www.fzstudios.app.

Then you will see the download link of the app, you just have to click on it and wait for the app to be downloaded. Immediately after downloading it, go on by installing it and you are free to launch it.

How to Download Movies, tv series, and Music on Fzstudios

For you to download movies, tv-series, or music on Fzstudios, these are the steps you need to go through below.

  • You can open the app or visit the website and access the category of the file you what to download “movies, tv-series, or music”.
  • Now click on the movie you want to download, and you will see different links. One is to watch the movie online, the other one is to go to the download page and two other links.
  • Click on the link for the download page and you have to choose from the download links given to you. Just like the way you normally download movies same goes for downloading tv series and music while using the website of it.
  • But for those using the app, you don’t need to go through all those long processes. All you have to do is to open the app and tap on the movies, tv-series or music you want to download. And tap on the download icon below the play icon and select your download quality.
  • Immediately, your file will start downloading and you can access it once it is fully downloaded by tapping on the menu icon at the left part of the app display page. Then to “Videos, you downloaded” that’s all.

Now you see how wonderful this new update of the Fzmovies website is and how the fzstudios app and website works.

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