Free Dating App on Facebook – Dating App in Facebook | Facebook Dating App Download Free

There has been a lot of changes on the Facebook website and that of the mobile app. Since the launch of the dating app on Facebook, some users out there still think it is not free. That is why I came out with this topic on Free Dating App on Facebook.  There is something I have noticed about this new dating feature that has been released into the platform. Is that, users now find it very easy to seek relationships and a user can access the dating app through the website and also through his or her Facebook mobile app.

Free Dating App on Facebook - Dating App in Facebook | Facebook Dating App Download Free

There is so much to take home from this article because it has all it takes to give to you, for you to understand that the dating app on Facebook is free. Keep on reading while I take you all through the article to the very end.

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Free Dating App on Facebook

As the topic sounds, free dating apps on Facebook. How sure are you if this dating app is paid for service if you have not tried it before? I know out there, there are lots of dating apps and also websites where you can find or seek relationships. But the thing is that, when I finally try them out, I found out that they are all paid for service.

As I speak to you or as you read through this article right. I want to make it known to every one of us here today thinking the Facebook dating app is a paid feature. All that it has to do with a dating app on Facebook is right here on this website. All you just need to do is to move around the website for more information about Facebook dating and the dating app.

Facebook Dating App Feature

Before this very era of the Facebook dating app been introduced into the platform, users have been dating through Facebook in one way or the other. Users then are using the dating feature called the dating groups on Facebook, these as been on the platform for so many years now until the release of the dating app feature.

Now that there is a dating section known as the Facebook dating app, users no longer use the dating groups. Although there are still some users who do date through the Facebook dating groups, all these users have no chance to access the dating app feature on their Facebook accounts. What is the reason why they can’t access the dating app or feature, is be the service is not yet available in their country? It has only been released to 20 countries including the United States just late last year. One of the dating app features is that it matches users depending on their location, age, and also interest. There are more features that I did talk about here but you will get to know them one after the other by the time you start using the dating app.

Dating App on Facebook

I have explained this part of the article when I was trying to explain what the Facebook dating app is. Here without wasting much of your time repeating what I have already said before. I am going to leave you with a link that will take you straight to my Facebook dating post on my website. You can click on this text “Facebook Dating” and it will take you to all my dating posts on this particular site. Now I want to talk about something that most of us don’t know and that is;

Facebook Dating App Download Free

I have seen so many people talking about this particular header on the internet and lots of questions on the internet as well. People want to know if the dating app on Facebook can be download or not. Well, it is never too late for you to get the answer you are looking for. The thing about the Facebook dating app is that no one can download it and it is not available on any app stores. You can only find the dating app inside your Facebook website account and that of your Facebook mobile app. That means you can download the Facebook mobile app just to access the dating service on it. If you already have the app, you just have to update your app and log in to your account.

Setup Dating Account on Facebook

The following steps will take you through the process of creating your dating account or profile. Here we are, follow the steps as given below.

  • Take your smartphone or computer close to you and visit on your computer web browser. But if you are using a mobile smartphone just launch the Facebook app on it.
  • Now, login into your account and access your profile page.
  • Click on the dating icon or logo at the top right corner of your profile and step through the following steps that come from there one.
  • You have to enter your names, date of birth, country, gender, and also your search interest “Male or Female”.
  • When you are done, look below the page you will see a button. Click on it and your account will be created immediately after clicking on the button.

With these steps that I have given up here, you can easily set up your dating account freely without any mistakes. Thanks a lot for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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