Find Friends on Facebook – Send Facebook Friend Request | How to Friends on Facebook

To FInd Friends on Facebook is the easiest thing to do but some people who are a newbie to the Facebook platform do not know how to do it. As far as you have that person’s name and you need to ask yourself if that friend is on social media.

Find Friends on Facebook - Send Facebook Friend Request | How to Friends on Facebook

The first social media platform we are to check is Facebook. We do know so much about the social media Facebook and we also know that it is a worldwide social media platform used by billions of people.

But surely, not everyone knows the way to do that, this is often why during this post, we shall be showing you ways to the way to Send Friend Request on Facebook on Facebook.\

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Find Friends on Facebook

Here, we’ll be showing you ways to seek out friends and the way to send a request on Facebook. it’s all easy, follow the instructions below to understand the way to find a friend and the way to send a friend request on Facebook.

Make sure you’re connected to the web. from the mobile app or your browser, open Facebook, and log into your account. Once on your account, tap the search icon and input the name of the friend you’re trying to find then hit enter.

Facebook Search

The search result is going to be displayed, to send a friend request and add them, tap Add Friend next to the person’s name and an invitation are going to be sent to the person immediately.

You can only become friends on Facebook after the person accepts your friend request. you’ll also add friends from your contact or email and Facebook suggests friends to you. Read below for more info.

From Contacts or Email

To add friends from contacts or email, you’ll simply upload your contacts from your mobile or email accounts.

Suggested Friends

There is a “suggested friends” tab where Facebook lists friends you would possibly know, you’ll also add friends from this tab.

You cannot have quite 1000 friend requests waiting to be accepted, if so, the earliest ones are going to be deleted to form a way for the newest one.

How to Accept Friend Request on Facebook

When a friend sends you a request, you’ve got to simply accept to become friends with one another, you’ll also ignore or delete the friend request if you are doing not know the person and don’t want to become friends thereupon person. Follow the instructions below to simply accept the request.

  • Once on your Facebook account, tap on the “friends” icon.
  • Next, you’ll see a page with an inventory of all of your friend requests. Click on inform accept the request.

At the top of the list, click on see more to ascertain the complete list of your friend requests. To delete a friend request. Simply click on Delete rather than confirm in step 2 above. To ignore the request, don’t react to it. And, that is, neither accept nor delete. To finally stop someone from sending you a request, block them.

When you delete a friend request. The user that sent the request won’t be notified that you simply didn’t accept their request.

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