Family Tree Now – Is Family Tree Now Legitimate

The people search engine platform Family Tree Now can be accessed through the website It is a free tool finder built with various people-finder tools to help users search for other people online.

Family Tree Now
Family Tree Now

The platform is similar to Ancestry, WikiTree, and 23andMe. Family Tree Now is identified as a genealogy website where users can discover their family history through searching with a genealogy archive and more. Just with a first name, last name, gender, and email, you can explore the platform and use its service.

Family Tree Now

If you may wonder how the platform operates, information is gotten from public sources. So, if your information hasn’t been released on the internet before, then you can be shown a display denied message. There are lot of information you can get about your family when you get the search data about a person.

Is Family Tree Now Free

According to promise, “it is 100 percent free family tree and genealogy research”. Other well-known websites like will charge you, but this platform is totally free. It is a free people finder tool that provides users with information or data about a person.

There are top-secret indoor or outdoor or hidden extra fee to make use of the platform to get someone as well as building the family tree. After you access the websites, you are not required to pay any fee to use its service. | Is Family Tree Now Legitimate

As the service is free, another most asked question is the legitimacy of the platform. However, the platform gets its information from various public sources for example, people search engines and other similar tools as well.

It offers information based on the variety of information and data made available on the internet publicly. Based on how the service works, it has made it clear that information gotten from public records might not be 100% accurate.

Trace Your Family Tree for Free Online

This is an effective tool that differs from other search websites where users can search for someone. The only difference between family tree now and other websites is that it is free. To find people on, follow the below instructions:

  • Launch your web browser. Ensure you are connected to the internet on a mobile network or WIFI
  • Enter the URL
  • Provide the first name, last name, and city, state of the person you want to search
  • Click on Search Records

You can view information about your search that includes name, age, birth date, address, and other data as well.

Start Family Tree

To start a family tree using this service is easy following the below instruction:

  • Launch your web browser. Ensure you are connected to the internet on a mobile network or WIFI
  • Enter the URL
  • Hit the Tree option at the top right section
  • Provide your first name, last name, gender, and email address
  • Tick the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy
  • Click on Start My Tree
  • Head to your email and click on the mail sent from
  • Click on Build my family tree

You can now begin the family tree journey.

Family Tree Now Opt-Out

If you are curious about sharing your information online and want to opt out of the FamilyTreeNow service, then you can get this done in a few seconds. Follow the below step to opt-out of this service:

  • On your web browser, enter the URL
  • Scroll down a bit and click on I’m not a robot captcha box to verify you are human
  • And click on Begin Opt-Out Procedure
  • Next, run a search of yourself
  • Click on the record
  • Then click on the red Opt-Out This Record button

And you are done with the process. The next is up to FamilyTreeNow as it takes 48 hours for the record to be removed completely from this service.


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