FaceTime on Android – How to FaceTime on Android | Download Facetime for Android on PC

While Google Play Store is flooded with notable video-calling apps, many wish to use FaceTime on Android to stay in touch with their friends who own an iPhone. In terms of both top-of-the-line features and security, Apple’s video calling app is one of the best in the business.

FaceTime on Android - How to FaceTime on Android | Download Facetime for Android on PC

Unfortunately, Apple had restricted FaceTime to the Apple ecosystem until iOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey. But now, FaceTime is making its way to Android and Windows. The sudden change of heart could be due to the intense demand for rival services, including Zoom and Google Meet, over the past year.

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FaceTime on Android

FaceTime users will be able to video chat with friends or family on Android phones, Windows PCs, or really any device with a functioning browser. Along with end-to-end encryption, the new FaceTime app on iOS 15 supports SharePlay. This means people can share music, videos, links or other media with everyone else on the call.

We don’t think Android users will have the option to access Apple apps through FaceTime, but third-party apps should hypothetically be fair game. If you don’t own an iPhone, you can’t initiate a FaceTime call. Still, we’ll walk you through how to share a FaceTime link from an iPhone or iPad in case you need to walk someone else through the first steps.

How to FaceTime on Android

To share a FaceTime link, you must have iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 installed. If you don’t already have it, you can check if your iPhone or iPad is iOS 15-compatible. For now, only the developer beta is available, but Apple should release a public beta with the new FaceTime app in July.

Once that’s settled, open FaceTime. Right at the top of the app, you should see Create Link. Tap that, and a submenu will appear with these options:

  • Add name: Give the link a recognizable name like Chat with Mom or 9am meeting, so people know it’s the right one.
  • Share destinations: You’ll see suggested options for where you could send the link, including Apple Messages, AirDrop, Mail, or other messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • Copy link: If you’d rather share the link manually with multiple people, this will add the link to your phone clipboard.

With just a few taps, you can share the link with anyone you choose, through a messaging app for one-on-one chats or email for group chats.

Install Facetime for Android

Now you know that you can use Facetime on your Android devices and how is it possible. To use this app on Android devices you have to install a third-party application. If you are new to android there is a possibility that you don’t know how to install a third party application.

To make it easier for you we have developed an installer which is very easy to download and then install Facetime for Android. We have shared easy steps below which will help you to download and install Facetime for android.

Download Facetime for Android on PC

In order to download this you have to click on this link. The software will be downloaded on your computer.

  • Once Facetime is downloaded, you have to connect your Android smartphone with your PC using a USB cable.
  • Now you have to go to the location where the app has been downloaded. Open the app and then you will see a new window on your computer screen. You have to click Install here.
  • Your android device will be identified and installation process will start and in no time Facetime will be installed on your Android device.

Once installed, you will be able to enjoy Facetime on your Android device.

Download Facetime using Android device

There is one more way to download and install Facetime. You don’t need your PC for this method as your using your Android device you will be able to use Facetime on it.

  • Open any browser on your android mobile phone and then click this link. Downloading process of app will start.
  • Once downloaded, you have to make sure that installation via unknown sources is enabled. This needs to be done if you are installing a third party application. To enable installation via unknown sources go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Once download is complete, the setup will begin automatically.
  • You will be able to use Facetime on your Android device in no time.

In this way you will be able to download and use the app on your Android devices. This method is universal and will work on all the Android smartphones and tablets. Though the version which we have shared is not the official version i.e. it is not developed by Apple, you might find some bugs in it.

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