Facebook Status App Review – How to Download Facebook Status Online

Have you been looking for a good place to get information regarding Facebook status app reviews? Yes, If you are on this page right now because you are looking for the best place to get information on Facebook status, this page will give you the answers about the Facebook status app review.

Facebook Status App Review
Facebook Status App Review

Most people have been wondering how they can download the Facebook status or post, but if you go through this page, you will be able to understand everything consigning Facebook status app review and how to download Facebook status/post that is if it possible or not.

Facebook Status App Review

Talking about Facebook status app reviews, a lot of Facebook users will have these kinds of questions in their minds like how to download Facebook status? Or is there a status downloader for Facebook? Well, if you have such type of question in your mind you just have to read through this content to get your questions answered.

Moreover, there are two ways you can download Facebook status and posts. You can download an app that you can use as a medium to download Facebook status or post. You can also download Facebook status or app online, by visiting the Facebook status download website.

Facebook Status Download

If you wish to know how to download Facebook status or post online then you will be able to do that if you follow the steps on how to do so online, before telling you how to download using the app. When you want to download Facebook status online follow the steps below.

How to Download Facebook Status Online

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet then visit and web browser of your choice.
  • Go to the post or video you which to download from your Facebook and copy the link.
  • You can now take the link you have copied to a Facebook status downloader to past the link and click on download.

After that, the video or status will be downloaded to the device. That is all you have to do in order to download a video online.

How to download Facebook Status with the App

If you wish to download Facebook status or video you will have to use a Facebook post downloader. You can do that with snap tube app or you can get any other one from either the play store or the app store. When you have downloaded any Facebook status downloader of your choice you can now follow the step below on how to make use of it:

  • Click on the app to open
  • Now type in the name of the video or post you wish to download.
  • Then from the search results that you have recovered, you can now select the one you want to download on your device.
  • If or once the video fits what you can upload on your Facebook status click on the download button
  • Now select your preferred video format and also resolution.
  • Save the file to a location on your device and then begin the download process.

That is all you have to do in order to download the app, you just have to follow the step available for you above.



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