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Facebook star Worth is what you will benefit from being part of Facebook Stars, but before we talk about Facebook Stars let’s know what Facebook Stars is all about.

If you’re a video game streamer or a content creator Facebook Stars is a great way for you to start making money. Especially, for those that have the intention of taking a path in Facebook Stars as their new carrier.

Facebook Star Worth
Facebook Star Worth

Facebook Star Worth – About Facebook star

Facebook Stars is a feature that allows you to monetize your stream. Users can buy Stars and send them to you while you’re streaming. Fans can also send animated, virtual gifts attached to different Star amount that will appear in your stream. Note that, for every star you receive, Facebook will pay you USD 0.01.

Whenever a viewer or user sends you a star you will always be alerted in your chat. That way you can be able to track your total Star count in Creator Studio under Stars stats. Countries like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, South Korea, and Syria do not support Facebook Stars. In that case, viewers will not be able to send Stars to you.

Facebook Stars Cost | How much Facebook Stars Cost

The great social media giant platform Facebook,  recently launched their Star donation function for all content creators that do a live stream, creating opportunities for their fans to send a donation to them through Stars.

You can purchase as little as 45 Stars with a bonus of 35 Stars for $0.99 or as many as 6,400 Stars with a bonus of 3,600 Stars for $99.99. If you want to buy facebook stars to gift or donate to your favorite video game streamers, these are the price value below.

  • 25 Stars – $0.49 PHP 17.79
  • 60 Stars – $0.99 or PHP 42.70
  • 100 Stars – $1.49 or PHP 71.19
  • 378 Stars – $5.38 or PHP 267.81 (5% Off)
  • 795 Stars – $13.24 or PHP 535.63 (10% Off)
  • 2,235 Stars – $26.80 or PHP 1,339.07 (20% Off)
  • 4,465 Stars – $53.44 or PHP 2,678.14 (20% Off)
  • 9,525 Stars – $107.84 or PHP 5,356.28 (25% Off)

Facebook Stars Worth

Since you now know about Facebook Stars and its cost, we can now talk about Facebook Stars Worth.

The Stars is one of the monetization tools on Facebook that allows streamers to get donations from their fans during their live stream. Stars can be converted to cash for them to cash out their earnings.

Each star is worth $0.01. So, for every 10,000 Stars, streamers will get $100 or PHP 5,000 or MYR 418. Below is a chart of Facebook Stars worth in other for you to understand very well.





(in USD)


(in PHP)


(in MYR)

1 Star $0.01 0.50 PHP 0.0418 MYR
100 Stars $1.00 500 PHP 4.18 MYR
1,000 Stars $10.00 5,000 PHP 41.8 MYR
  10,000 stars $100.00 50,000 PHP 418MYR
100,000 stars $1,000.00 50,000 PHP 4,180 MYR


Buy Facebook Stars | How to buy Facebook Stars

There are two different ways to buy Facebook stars through shortcuts or during a live video. Facebook stars are not for free they are sold for different prices and it depends on your choice. Therefore, you can buy and send Stars to participating video creators. Below is How to buy Stars using shortcuts and during live video;

Buy Stars Through Shortcut

It’s possible to use shortcuts to buy Stars while commenting on a live video. If you are watching a live video with Stars enabled:

  • Firstly, Type (!) in the comments field.
  • Then you will enter the number of Stars you like to send. When you type ( !50 ) it would send the creator 50 Stars.

Buy Stars During a Live Video

Go to a video creator’s Page during a live stream or on-demand video. They have to be participating in Facebook Stars.

  • Firstly, visit a video creator’s Page during a live or on-demand video.
  • Then click next to Write a comment.
  • Immediately, your balance of Stars will be displayed in the top left.
  • After that, you click on Buy Stars to purchase additional Stars.
  • Then you will select the pack of Stars you want to buy like 250 Stars.
  • Follow the prompts from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Then you tap Done.

That’s how to buy Stars During live videos.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

People FAQS like;

How much is 1 Facebook Star Worth?

Each Star is worth $0.01. Therefore, for every 10,000 Stars, streamers will get $100. At 10,000 stars streamers are eligible for a Payout from Facebook Gaming and send a virtual thank you to all the donors.

Are Facebook Stars Real Money?

Yes, Facebook Stars can be converted to money. With Stars, viewers of Facebook live video can support content creators at any time. Stars enable you to earn money from your video content.

Viewers can buy Stars and send them to you in the comment section to show support and help their comments stand out. You get paid 1 cent for every Star that you receive.

How many Followers do you Need to get Facebook Stars?

Before you can be able to apply for the program you’ll have to have at least 100 followers on their page.

How to Enable Facebook Stars

Stars are available to a limited number of partners at this time. Below is How to Enable Facebook Stars;

  • Go to the creator’s page during a live video
  • Then you click on the star icon next to the comment section
  • After that, your stars balance will be displayed on the top left
  • Click on the buy stars button to purchase additional stars
  • Then you choose the number of stars you would like to buy
  • After that, you can now follow the prompts from the google play store or the apple store after following the process
  • You can now click on done.

Viewers will now be able to send you Stars in your live streams. To manage your Stars settings, go to Creator Studio “Monetisation ” Stars.

Bear it in mind that, you can set up Stars and add your financial information at a later date like within six months of signing the terms of service.



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