Facebook Reels – How to Watch Reels on Facebook

Have you ever heard or come across Facebook reels before? Well, if you haven’t heard about Facebook reels before you will be able to understand everything regarding Facebook reels you just have to read through thing content. Most Facebook users do not know about Facebook reels.

Facebook Reels
Facebook Reels

Yes, it is very easy to watch Facebook short videos in reels. Reels are fun and inspiring short videos consisting of music, audio, AR effects, text overlays, and more, and you can now create the on the Facebook app on your mobile device. Moreover, as a result of this article, you’ll learn how to gain access to available short videos on the reel.

Facebook Reels

Talking about Facebook reels, about the reel there are a lot of creators that has dived into the features and have been creating short videos for so long now, you can simply watch these videos when you visit the reel short video page, all you have to do is to follow the steps below.

To fans in their core news feed and new audiences in a dedicated reels section in News feed that gives people who are new to you the opportunity to discover and enjoy you’re your creations reels are shared with them directly.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels are short videos on Facebook that allow you to share a different type of content, more casual and content, more casual and concise than other Facebook formats such as posts with links, photos, or videos. Any reel can be recorded in a series of clips or all at once using video uploads from your phone’s photo library or by uploading a new video during the creation process.

The longest size of reels you can upload or remix is up to 6o seconds in length. You can save drafts and meta is adding even more clipping tools in 2022.  Well, if you want to know how to see reels on Facebook:

  • You can only see them from the Facebook mobile app
  • Facebook displays reels in the feed news. In other words, not just from pages you follow, like TikTok’s for you section.
  • You can access them through your profile in menu > Reels.
  • To continue viewing Reels, you can scroll down, as it works on Instagram Reels or TikTok.

Your marketing strategy on Facebook can be boosted if you include reels on your company page.

How to watch reels on Facebook

What is listed below is just a simple step you can employ inside if surfing through your newsfeed to come across any available reel video.

  • Go to your Facebook app from your home screen
  • Sign in to your account and tap on the hamburger line at the top right side of the page
  • From the menu displayed, tap on “Short videos on reel “
  • The available short video will start playing. You can like, comment, and share the video. Also, you can tap on the following link to start following the creator to see other videos by that person.

Nevertheless, on that same page, you can swipe up to watch another short video available. You should know that by tapping on “create” next to your profile at the top right you will be able to create your own reels.



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