Facebook Portal TV – Features and Benefits of Facebook Portal TV

Do you know what a Facebook Portal TV is? Or have you ever heard of the name Portal TV before? It is made and meant for users to connect to a primary display like the TV in our living room.

Facebook Portal TV
Facebook Portal TV

It comes with an Alexa built-in made for smart voice commends, and also other necessary features to participate in video calls using the microphone, webcam, and speakers.

Facebook Portal TV

Facebook Portal TV is a set-top box that is designed to plug directly into a TV. Although it appears differently, the experience is undeniably similar to Facebook’s independent video platform called Portal.

Some users refers it to as Facebook TV, as it resembles other set-top and entertainment devices from comparable providers like Amazon Fire TV or Roku devices.

What is Portal by Facebook?

Portal is a standalone video display that lets users connect with Facebook and allow them to communicate with contacts like friends and family. For example, you can call your mom or dad on the weekends, and can catch with and chat using its video streaming video connection.

It makes video calling usable in-home and eliminates the need to always depend on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There is more to do with Portal other than just the video calls. It can play music, stream videos and movies, display photos, and more. Also, it has Alexa built-in that can let users install Alexa skills to work with third-party apps and services.

What is Facebook Portal TV?

Facebook Portal TV can otherwise be called just Portal TV. This is a Portal without a screen. Instead of using a built-in display, you can connect it to a TV, presumable one in the living room. It looks like an Xbox Kinect and includes an AR-friendly camera, speakers, and microphone.

Users can control the device using remote, or voice commands by calling out to Alexa. Similar to the original Portal, the TV version is meant to connect friends, family, and contacts via Facebook through video calls and interactive digital experiences.

Additionally, as it has Alexa, you can do anything on Portal TV as you can on Echo speaker. It also allows users to stream media content directly to the TV like smart TV devices. Facebook Portal TV will focus only on Facebook online content which is often shared via the social network and on Facebook Watch.

What Can Portal TV Do?

A Portal TV can do anything the original Portal can do, and as well as anything an Alexa-enabled smart speaker can do. Users can play music, watch videos and movies, look up recipes, and interact with other apps and services.

For instance, if a Portal TV user wants to know who is at the front door, it can be done by syncing the device with a smart video doorbell is they have. Alexa skills expand its functionality more and more offering support for services that might not be included otherwise. For example, one skill might let Alexa playback a certain podcast, and another might allow it to interact with specific brand smart lighting.

Alexa skills introduce games and fun activities, cooking assistance, and allow users to shop via voice commands, listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Features and Benefits of Facebook Portal TV

Below are some of the features and benefits users can enjoy using the Facebook Portal TV:

  • 5MP camera with 120-degree field of view
  • There is no integrated display, but it uses a built-in TV resolution
  • Has an 8-microphone array to offer clearer and quality communication
  • There are no built-in speakers. But instead, it uses TV, surrounds system, or soundbar if any is connected to your TV
  • Users can make video calls through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp
  • It has an Alexa voice-assistant built-in with support for Alexa skills
  • Dedicated mic and camera disable button and camera cover for privacy reasons
  • It supports 2.4Ghz and 50Ghz WIFI networks

And many more features. The most important feature of Portal and Portal TV is the video call options. As with the design, Portal offers a dynamic and interactive experience. The camera can zoom in and out to accommodate larger and smaller groups or gathering.

While one is on a video call, they can start a variety of activities like listening to music, playing games, or sharing interactive story experiences, as demoed in Portal commercials.


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