Facebook New Avatar App Feature – Facebook Avatar Creator – Make Your Facebook Avatar

Facebook has recently launched a virtual lookalike feature for its users known as Facebook Avatar. If you are familiar with Bitmoji, then this feature won’t come as a shocker or hard to do activity within the platform. Facebook New Avatar App Feature has been the platform more fun and interactive with the use of avatars. The avatar you create is a computerized version of you, so it is advisable to use a cute one.

Facebook New Avatar App Feature - Facebook Avatar Creator - Make Your Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar can be used for making comments and also for expressing yourself in stories or posts. The feature is on the platform, but you need to create a virtual mini you to start using it. The process is simple, and in this post, I will be giving you the process to create, all you have to do is to create and find out.

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Facebook New Avatar App Feature

Facebook New Avatar Feature is the latest update within the platform that allows users to create mini virtual cartoons or avatars of themselves. The feature is free and easy to access on the platform. It is currently available in just a few locations and only accessible on the Facebook app or Messenger app. That is to say, you cannot make use of the feature from the web using a web browser. Facebook or Messenger is required to make your avatar and that brings us to the Avatar creator app. So let’s dive in.

Facebook Avatar Creator

Facebook is not yet made worldwide but is having great comments and reviews from those it is currently accessible to use. Now, if even the avatar feature is in your location, you need to have the Facebook Avatar Creator on your device. As you must have known, Bitmoji is a standalone app, but this one is different. Facebook avatar feature does not require you downloading or installing a separate app. In order words, the Facebook avatar does not have a standalone app, it is a feature within the platform that can be accessed using the Facebook app or Messenger app.

How to Download Facebook Avatar Creator App

Facebook’s new avatar is now a thing on the platform, that means if you don’t have your own, then you are missing out on the fun. With the feature, you can create your own the way you are or how you see yourself. It is partial to you, so you need to take time in creating your own. Of course, everyone wishes to have their avatar on the platform, but how can you create yours without the creator app? That’s impossible, right? That’s why you need to have a Facebook or Messenger app which is the creator apps.

So, let’s follow the simple guides below to download the app on your smartphone;

  • Open the App Store on your device and tap on the search box.
  • Enter Facebook or Messenger and tap on the first one on the result page.
  • Tap on “Install” to get the creator app on your device.

Facebook Avatar creator app will be installed immediately into your device and the next step will be launching and signing into the app.

Facebook Login

To create Facebook on your smartphone, you need to be signed in to your account if it’s not signed in already. Signing or logging into Facebook is very simple and fast. All you need to do is to launch the app and tap on Login. Then the fields that will be provided for text, enter your email or phone number and password. Lastly, tap on login and your profile will be shown on the page. Now you are logged in, where is the Facebook avatar icon?

Facebook Avatar Location

The avatar feature is available on the accounts of those that are accessible to it. What I am trying to say is you can download the app and the avatar icon won’t be shown on the page. Well, if the icon doesn’t show on your page, it means the feature is not yet available to you. As the Facebook avatar feature is on both messenger and Facebook let’s look at how to access the icon on both apps.

On Facebook, tap on the horizontal lines at the bottom right of your account page, scroll down, and tap on “See More”. From the see more options, new icons will be shown, tap on “Avatar” and then “Next”. The avatar section will be loaded, start creating.

On Messenger, all you have to do is to open a chat or conversation, anyone at all. From the message box, tap on “Make Your Avatar” and then start from there. Sounds simple, right? Cool, let’s look at how to make your avatar for free on the platform.

How to Make Your Facebook Avatar

Making your avatar is simple and very fast to do. Since the Facebook company is still rolling out the feature, if the feature is not yet available to you, you need to wait for it. Once you create your avatar, you can share with your friends in stories, comments, and also on Messenger. With enough being said, let’s make your avatar immediately, so you can start rocking yours. Follow below;

  • Go to the “Avatars” icon.
  • Read through and tap on Next and select “Get Started”.
  • Start customizing the avatar to how you want it to look, in order words a digital or virtual you.
  • Then tap the “Next” icon immediately and you’ve done all the customizations you want on your avatar and tap “Done” to commence.

Your own Facebook avatar will be and you start rocking yours by sharing with friends or express yourself in comments with it.

Create an Avatar Using Messenger

  • On the Facebook Messenger app, tap on any conversation or chat you like.
  • Select the sticker option next to the text box.
  • Then tap on “Make Your Avatar” and start customizing your very own emoji.

Customize and add all the special accessories you want to your avatar. Tap on Done once you’re satisfied with your creation.

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