Facebook Marketplace Review – Marketplace on Facebook | Facebook Marketplace Near Me

Facebook Marketplace Review refers to the assessment of the Facebook marketplace, so has to know what it really is all about. So, this article will be telling you just what you need to know. This marketplace on Facebook is a feature launched on Facebook, which brings millions of people together. Facebook unveiled this feature, as it now allows Facebook users to buy and sell between each other. However, there have been other means to buy and sell on Facebook. But it looks like this marketplace is gradually becoming the main part that offers this chance.

Facebook Marketplace Review - Marketplace on Facebook | Facebook Marketplace Near Me

Facebook Marketplace Review

The Facebook marketplace is a digital market where people can buy and sell several goods and products. Here, you find small and big business owners. You also find people who want to patronize these businesses and brands. In this location, you can post the items that you have on sale. From here, you get to attract buyers who may be interested in what you have to offer.

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This buys and features started with the Facebook mobile app, available to just a few numbers of countries. Currently, it is not yet in all parts of the world, but in 85 countries. But it can now be accessed through the Facebook mobile app, and Facebook website on desktops. However, only Facebook users who reside within any of the 85 countries, are able to make use of this marketplace. In the marketplace, you can buy or sell products like clothing and accessories, vehicles, home sales, garden, entertainment, hobbies, family sales, properties to rent, and classifieds, and more.

Facebook Marketplace Location

The Facebook marketplace is a feature launched inside the Facebook site. On your mobile app or Facebook website, you can use the marketplace if available in your location. It is compatible with Android and IOS phones. It can also be used on desktops too.

Android phone users can find the marketplace as a small shop at the top of the Facebook homepage. iPhone users can find the marketplace as a small shop at the bottom of the Facebook homepage. Using your desktop, you will find the Marketplace written on the left side of the homepage. However, you will only see this if the marketplace is available in your location. Do you know that there are rules guiding the Facebook marketplace, well I will like us to also see into that aspect?

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Facebook Marketplace Rules are the policies guiding the service. In other words, the rules are to be obeyed by both buyers and sellers in other to use the service. Most people asking, they should use Facebook Marketplace when there is another platform to buy and sell. They say the rules are kind of hard not to go against, but let me tell you why you should use Facebook Marketplace. Facebook as a social platform is a very tool for brands or businesses who are into selling to use to get their targeted customers or audiences. At this time, I want to mention the rules guiding the marketplace for those of us that are into the marketplace for selling to know about.

Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers

Like I said before, there are some rules guiding the marketplace. And I will be listing them below;

  1. Restricted Content on the Marketplace;
    • Prescriptions products and drugs.
    • Alcohol.
    • Gift Cards.
    • Event Tickets.
    • Animals.
    • Digital and Electronic devices or media.
    • Healthcare items such as first aid kit, thermometers, etc.
    • Tobacco products or paraphernalia.
    • Dangerous Explosives, ammunition, or weapons.
    • Unsafe supplements.
    • Adult products.
    • Body parts and fluids.
    • Gambling.
    • Products with overly sexualized positioning.
    • Documents, currency, and financial instruments.
    • Services.
    • Hazardous goods and materials.
    • Sexual services.
    • Jobs.
    • Stolen.
  2. Sellers are required to sell items or kinds of stuff that are physical.
  3. The product description must match the image you provide of the item you are listing for sale.
  4. Before and After photos of a product used on the Marketplace is highly prohibited.

The famous social media network has gone through a major or length to ensure that users would be safe using the Marketplace for buying and selling.

How Do I Use Facebook Marketplace

Still, on the Facebook Marketplace Review, this article will engage you on how to use this marketplace feature. This location is simply a place where you can buy and sell. I have stated out the areas where you can find the marketplace on your homepage, through different devices.

Once you get on the marketplace, you just have to select your preferred option; buy or sell. To sell, you will have to select the category of products and enter the details of the products. After that, Post.

To buy, you just have to search for the product and Contact Seller for a further bargain. Buying and selling in this marketplace are simply easy. Facebook has provided ways for you to get your business down to a large audience of people. It has made the process of buying and selling so easy. Here’s your chance.

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