Facebook Marketplace Local Only – Enable Facebook Marketplace Local only on iPhone and Android

Have you heard about the Facebook marketplace local only before? If you are online searching for the best place to get good information on everything regarding the fakebook marketplace local only, you are in the right place at this moment you just have to read through this page in order to understand. So, if you are among those people that have that type of question you will be able to get your answers here.

Facebook Marketplace Local Only
Facebook Marketplace Local Only

On the Facebook marketplace, their users can buy almost anything they are looking for or sell it for a tidy profit. Lots of people use Facebook every day to connect with friends and family, giving you a ton of potential customers who might see your marketplace listings while browsing the popular social media site.

Facebook Marketplace Local Only

If you are wondering what Facebook marketplace is all about, the Facebook marketplace is a feature in the Facebook social media platforms for online buying and selling, while the local-only enables you to quickly find what you are looking for by applying the different filters. This feature is about the Facebook marketplace can be designed to help its users in the selection aspect but many users seem to complain that the algorithm doesn’t serve a useful purpose.

When shopping local marketplace lists buyers love the convenience of Facebook marketplace local pick, which can replace shopping at many traditional places such as flea markets or garage sales. Online shoppers can also quickly sort products and take advantage of the search functionality to find something to buy.

Facebook Marketplace 2022

The Facebook marketplace has been around for quite a while now it launched after the other Facebook feature dating was already in the ground. Since then, as the popularly say the rest is history. Many people have been enjoying the feature to buy and sell things to make money and get rid of things they no longer want. The feature was an instant hit however it was not available in all locations.

I have seriously asked myself several times the question of why Facebook features don’t launch in all regions at the start. I have now discovered that it needed to be tested to see if it is successful in some regions before the worldwide release although the marketplace features are old it’s still slowly rolling out to more regions.  You cannot access the marketplace if it has not yet launched in your location.

In that case, you would have to wait until it gets to your turn which is God knows when. Or you can move to a country that it’s already available for those that travel a lot.

Is Facebook Marketplace Only Local

In short, no. You can choose to offer shipping, which allows people in other places to purchase items and get them shipped. However, a lot of the action does happen locally. As a local seller, you have a key advantage over other places online where your buyers can shop by incorporating Facebook marketplace local pick-up service into your listings. After all, you are local. Many online customers want to get what they buy as fast as possible and as a local seller, you can help with that.

Enable Facebook Marketplace Local only

Moreover, if you are looking for a way to enable Facebook marketplace local only completely keep reading below. You should know that Facebook doesn’t allow you to turn off ships to your items completely. However, there is a way to filter them out of your search and see only the local items. The way to enable only the local list you just have to follow the list below:

Enable only local on iPhone

  • Locate the Facebook app on your iPhone and click on it
  • Go to the marketplace
  • Tap on categories
  • Tap on Local Listings
  • Tap your location
  • Customize the location and radius of your search or use the suggested radius. If you’re customizing it, the smallest radius you can select is 0.6 miles.
  • Once you’re done, tap “apply.

Enable only local on Android

  • Locate the Facebook app on your android and click on it
  • Go to the marketplace
  • Tap Categories
  • Tap local listings
  • Customize the radius of your search by tapping your location
  • Tap Apply

That is all you have to do in order to enable only local on iPhone and Android, you just have to follow the step available above for you.



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