Facebook Marketplace Free for Users – Facebook Marketplace App | Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Have you heard that Facebook Marketplace Free for Users? Are you trying to find an area to shop for and sell online for free? If you’re then I even have the right place for you, have you ever heard of the Facebook marketplace? If you haven’t heard of this place, here are some things for you.

Facebook Marketplace Free for Users - Facebook Marketplace App | Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is that the hottest social network on social media presence and it’s where people connect. People are using the social network recently for purchasing and selling with one another, it’s located in local Facebook groups and it’s grown exponentially.

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Facebook Marketplace Free for Users

Facebook marketplace maybe a Facebook feature that permits you to shop for and sell on Facebook. The Facebook marketplace was introduced in October 2016 and within 7 months, +18 million were listed to sell on the Facebook marketplace within us alone.

More than 800 million people from 70 countries access the Facebook marketplace monthly because it’s an excellent place to sell anything quickly within your area with no investment. you’ll also discover cool items you would like to shop for and find people that are willing to shop for your products.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

The guidelines on the way to sell on the Facebook marketplace are listed below:

  • Log in to Facebook and click on the marketplace on the left tab.
  • On the marketplace page and click on the sell something button on the left side.
  • After clicking the button you’ll see a little window asking about your listing.
  • Choose the category that matches bests for your item.
  • Enter your listing title price location and category.
  • Select the category for your product and add the small print of your item.
  • Publish your listing and click on the publish button to put your product within the Facebook marketplace.

You will be ready to do a live broadcast on the item you’re selling during a video on Facebook but it’s not available yet and you’ll have the choice to supply shipping at rock bottom. Once your customer receives their item you’ll be paid.

You will be ready to answer any question the buyers have about the products while you’re live streaming.

Buying on Facebook Marketplace

The steps on the way to buy items on the Facebook marketplace are listed below:

  • The marketplace is straightforward to navigate, you’ll browse, search by keyword, or search by category.
  • When you find the item you wish, you’ll see a choice to checkout directly through the app.
  • Then you’ll need to choose the number you would like and therefore the shipping price.
  • After selecting the inspect button, you’ll be taken to a payment page where you’ll enter your delivery address and a Mastercard or PayPal info.
  • Facebook says the transaction is going to be secure.

After this, you’ll notice that you simply are going to be ready to message the vendor from the merchandise listing, rather than being directed to Facebook Messenger.

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