Facebook Launches Avatars in India with Special Customization – Facebook Avatar with Special Customization

Good news most to India Facebook users, if you are an Indian user, this is for you “Facebook Launches Avatars in India with Special Customization”. The Launch of Facebook avatars in India was announced, which means the feature is now available to users in India. The new Avatar functionality on the Facebook app has been made available for users in India now. Do you know what that means? Oh well, I will tell you, it simply means you can now make your own Avatar and give it the kind of Customization you want for it. Sounds, interesting, I know. Now, what I don’t understand is why you still haven’t customized your own Avatar. I mean the feature is now available on Facebook app for you to use. To know more about what the Facebook avatar feature, read on.

Facebook Launches Avatars in India with Special Customization - Facebook Avatar with Special Customization

Facebook Launches Avatars in India with Special Customization

Facebook Avatar which lets users on the platform to customize a virtual lookalike of themselves and use as stickers in comments and chats, is now launched in India. The social media giant has said that it users can share a range of emotions and also expression but in a more fun and personalized feel or way. The Facebook Avatar feature in India actually comes with different faces, hairstyles, and the Indian culture outfits, that have been specially customized for them. Once you create your Avatar, it can be used as a profile picture, after all, it is the virtual version of you, it can be used in Stories, in comments, and also chats.

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One awesome thing about the Facebook avatar feature is that it can not only be used within Facebook and Messenger but as on WhatsApp. Now, what is more, interesting than that? I know you must be eager to create your own Avatar now, right? Well, worry not, I’ve got you covered. I will be giving you the steps to creating or customizing your own Avatar on Facebook, but let’s have a look at some other aspects.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Facebook Avatar has been launched in two countries successfully, and one of the countries in India. The feature is not yet worldwide but those users that the feature is available to have been really enjoying the feature which is a good thing. Avatars on Facebook are simple to access and yes it is free for any user.

Facebook Avatars App

Now, with the launch of the avatar feature in India, users will need to have the app, especially those that have using PC or computer. Wondering why? Well, the reason is that Facebook Avatar is only compatible with the avatars app. Facebook Avatars app is as you must have know is a feature, so that means it can only be accessed on the Facebook website or App. So to customize your own Avatar, you need to download a Facebook app or Messenger app to create.

Customize Your Facebook Avatar

Now, you know that Facebook avatars are accessible to you, so what are waiting for before you make yours? Well, if you here to find out how you can make your own avatar, then follow these steps below;

  • Launch the Facebook app on your device. It should be an updated version.
  • Then tap on the hamburger menu on your page. The menu icon is located at the lower right side of your iPhone and at the upper right-hand side of your Android phone.
  • Once the menu options are shown, scroll and tap on “See More” and locate “Avatar” and tap on it.
  • Select the “Get Started” option to start.
  • Choose the skin color you’d prefer to use and tap Next.
  • Select the hairstyle you want. There are different hair options or styles to choose from. There is a tab for short, long, or medium.
  • The choice is yours to make.
  • Then on the next page, choose the face shape, complexion, add facial beauty features or freckles or lines if you want.
  • After that, move on to the eye section. Then select the eye color, shape, and length of your lashes.
  • Now, go to the eyebrows section and select the brow shape and color you want. If you like using glasses, there are lots of options you can choose from to use.
  • Customize your mouth and nose as you want it to look like.
  • Select your body type or shape and choose the outfit you’d like to be rocking. You can add other accessories if you so desire to.
  • You can check out your Avatar after customization and see if it’s okay for you.
    If you seem pleased with your creation, tap on “Next” and then “Done”.

And that’s it. Your Facebook avatar will be customized and available for use when making comments or chatting.

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