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The Facebook Games, otherwise Facebook Gaming is a platform similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, but with a few more perks, especially for Android users. This gaming platform hosts home to a lot of streamers and influencers. And also allows normal users like us to start livestreams and showcase our gameplay.

Facebook Games - Facebook Game Free to Play | Play Instant Games on Facebook

The Facebook platform is a popular platform where you get to connect and meet will family and friends. However, Facebook has grown over the years too, and as such is becoming more exciting and fun-filled to keep their user busy.

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Facebook Games

These games were introduced to make their users spend much time on the platform. These can be played when you are on the platform. However, there two sets of games that can be played on the platform, which are instant games and regular games.

The instant games can be played through the messenger platform while that of the regular games can be played with the Facebook Cameroon application. These games on the instant games and the regular games on this platform are very easy to play. So, you don’t have to select a game to play when you want to ply any games on the platform.

Facebook Games Messenger

Facebook announced today that its new Messenger game-playing features are now available to the entire 1.2 billion people who use the app every month. Instant Games, as the platform is called, first launched in closed beta last November with arcade titles like Pac-Man and Galaga.

Free Games on Facebook

The free games were added to make then platform more fun for all its users. The Facebook platform has over billions of users on the platform. In order to keep their users for leaving their platforms to other platforms, they decide to create these free games. However, the games on the platform are for free. It doesn’t cost you anything to playing these games all that is needed is your data and nothing else.

Facebook Games List

The platform is made in such a way that there are some games that you can play with friends online for free. There are two mediums that you can make use of in-play games with friends online. Now let’s see some games that you can play with your friend online. For you, to also confirm these games can be played with friends online. Given are the lists below:

  • Candy Crush Saga.
  • 8-ball pool.
  • Word with friends.
  • Texas Holdem Poker’.
  • Farmville 2.
  • Angry Birds Friends.
  • Diamond Dash.
  • Word crack.

Here are the lists of some of the games you can play online with friends.

How to Access Facebook Instant Games

The following are steps to access the games:

  • Visit the Facebook official website.
  • Once it opens log in your use of Facebook details.
  • Then log in, you will then locate the “explore” tab at the left sidebar.
  • Click in “See More” below.
  • Scroll down to find the “Games” and then tap on it.

That’s how to access instant games

How to Play Facebook Instant Games

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Facebook instant games page by using the steps above.
  • Then locate the game you want to play.
  • Click on “Invite Friends” below the games you want to play.
  • A pop up with some option will display on your screen.
  • Then you can share the post inviting your friends to play with you on the timeline.
  • A friend‘s timeline, group, event, and others.
  • After that, it is then up to your friends to tap on the link and then play the games with you.

The above guide are the steps to play instant games with your friends on the platform.

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