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In the world that we are today, lots of single people are looking for their soulmate or searching for a life partner that they can get married to. Have you thought about Facebook as a platform where you can look for your soulmate? This is where the topic now comes in Facebook Dating USA review.

Facebook Dating USA - Facebook Dating App Download | Facebook Dating App

How do you see the topic, will it be helpful or will Facebook be a good platform for searching for a life partner? For me, I don’t know yet but we can see about that reading through the rest paragraphs.

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Facebook Dating USA

Frankly speaking, the dating app Facebook is a dating service that the platform has laughed into the platform for people not just people but its users to find dates. Dating is a feature or section within the service that makes it easier for users to find love.

Users find love based on the interests they share and also the events they attend, groups, etc. It is linked with the Instagram account hereby allowing users. The Facebook dating app USA is mostly pointing at those users who do lives in the United States of America (USA).

Facebook Dating Review

Since the very day that the Facebook dating app release the USA was brought into the site, a lot of people have found their soulmates or life partners. But the only issue is that this dating service is not yet available to all countries in the world.

There are only a few countries that can make use of the Facebook dating feature and this feature is an app just like Facebook dating in the USA. It is not that Facebook has a dating app, what I am trying to explain is that the app is an in-built app on the platform and it is free. That is the reason why the word “FREE” that you see on the header above.

Facebook Dating Features

In other, for you to know if the dating feature is available in your region. The notification will be seen on your Facebook newsfeed tabs if you’re eligible and accessible to it. The Facebook dating app has features which include:

  • Sharing the details of the date with live location via Facebook messenger to a friend to ensure the users feel safe on the date.
  • If you’re on Instagram, you can add your post to your profile on the Facebook Dating service.
  • You can check into pages or groups to see other users with similar interests.
  • Secret crush allows you to match with people you already know on your Facebook or Instagram account.

There are many more features on the platform that you can enjoy but can have access to them once you have a dating profile. The dating app Facebook free is available for anyone to use in the locations that are accessible to it.

Facebook Dating App Download

Facebook dating is simple and free for users who are eligible (you must be 18 years and above). In the location that the feature is currently available to like we have now Facebook dating the USA.

You can only use the app once your Facebook app is updated and it is compatible with any device type. To use, all you have to do is to set up a separate dating profile by providing some information such as age, location, gender, etc. The dating service doesn’t require much to use.

Facebook Dating Profile

For you to access the dating section right inside the Facebook platform, you must create a dating account first. There is something I will like to say, I have seen lots of search asking is facebook dating free. Coming to that part, yes, Facebook dating is free. The only thing is that you must be of the age before you can make use of it.

Know that, the dating profile is separated from your main Facebook account and that your friends won’t be able to see if you are using the dating section. Follow the steps below, to create your dating profile.

  • Login to your account on the Facebook website or the mobile app.
  • Next is for you to access your profile. Tap or click the heart icon that you will see at the top of your profile.
  • Click get started in other to proceed to the setup page. After this, you need to enter your dating profile name, location, age, interest, and all that you may see on the page.
  • After doing and providing all the details on the page, you have to click the done, finish, or create button, any of the buttons you see there.

I will like us to end the article here, now that you know how you can set up your dating profile with the steps that I have listed here. To avoid any error, you need to cross-check your details if there be any error and correct it before clicking on the button to create your dating profile.

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