Facebook Dating not Showing Up – Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating App Download

What I want us to talk about in this article that you are looking into today. I have here a common issue that most people do complain about Facebook Dating not Showing Up. This is the most commonly asked question on the internet that Facebook users do ask.

Facebook Dating not Showing Up - Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating App Download

What I want you to know about as a user is that Facebook dating is not accessible to all countries. For more information for you to know more about Fb dating not showing up, read below.

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Facebook Dating not Showing Up

Do you know that this is a question that someone commented on in a post? So, if I may ask what can make the Facebook dating service not to work or show up? Reading through the first paragraph, you will find them there.

But I still want to say it here so that you won’t be going back to the first paragraph to read it over again. As I have said that Facebook dating is not available in all countries and that alone can cause it not to show up.

Another thing that can cause it, is your browser cache. Do you know what browser cache is an information technology for the temporary storage of your web documents? And we have web pages, images, and also other types of web multimedia, to reduce server lag. This cache also is a trouble as well that can make Facebook dating not appear.

When this web cache is filled up or there is no longer enough space for it to run. It makes the sites load very slow and it can make the dating on Facebook not to show up. So, you have to clear it up before trying to access the dating service again. Later on, I am going to notify you of how you can clear your web cache but now let talk more about Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Sites

This is another thing that gets people to confuse at times whenever they come across it on the internet, their mind does not think straight at all. Speaking about the Facebook dating site is the Facebook website itself, this is what they don’t know. Once you have access to the Facebook website for your normal duties like chatting and all. That means you have also accessed the Facebook dating site.

But what you should know is that the dating site is not the Facebook website as I meant. What I am trying to say is that you can only access the Facebook dating site through the Facebook website. You can find the dating site inside Facebook on your profile page. For you to know more about the topic above this paragraph read through the “Facebook Dating Site” it has an article of his own on my site. About the website, visit Facebook.

Facebook Dating App

Like I said earlier, that if the dating service is not available in your location you can’t make use of the dating service. It won’t work if you mistakenly see the dating service. If you can make use of this service you don’t have to worry about yourself because there is a solution for you. Do you know that you can also date on Facebook without accessing the dating site?

Facebook Dating Profile

The following steps that I will be listing down here will lead you to the Facebook dating service. All you need are the instructions below;

  • Firstly, you have to attend your Facebook account using the web or mobile app.
  • Click on your profile.
  • At the upper right hand of your profile page, tap on the dating icon you see there.
  • The next thing you will notice is that you will be directed to the dating section of Facebook.
  • Tap the start and proceed with the screen instructions for setting up your profile.

You can only access the dating section of Facebook only if the dating service is available in your country. But with the help of the Facebook dating group, you can also make use of the dating service that the platform has.

Facebook Dating Groups

There are dating groups where you can date also and they are made available to all. All that you have to do is just to search for any dating group using the search box on the Facebook homepage. By typing “Dating Groups” or anything that has to do with dating into the search box. Right on the search result. You will be given different kinds of dating groups and you are free to join any of them and you are good to go.

How to Solve Facebook Dating App not Working Issue

Now, I want to tell you guys how you can clear your web browser if you know you have been using the Facebook dating service before and suddenly it stops working. This is what you should do;

  • Go to your browser and hit on the three-dot icon and go to settings.
  • After that, scroll down you will see “Privacy and Security” click on it.
  • Under the “Basic” look down and tap on the “Clear Data” and wait for the process to complete.

After clearing the data. Go back to Facebook and try loading the dating service again and you will see that it will work, that’s all. For more information about Facebook dating here is my website Techfiver. There are lots to read about Facebook Dating and all.

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