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Amazing opportunities for singles. It just keeps getting better, the Facebook Dating in 2022 is out for those people who are waiting to make a life-changing relationship and create amazing friendships.

Download 2022 Facebook Dating App

This new dating platform is one of the newly invented features on Facebook, which gives you the chance to create long-lasting relationships that may even lead to marriage online.

All you need do is create a dating profile and with that, you can get to meet amazing people who share the same interests as you. Read down to get more updates on this dating app, on the second of this article.

Facebook Dating in 2022

Are you single, and wanting to mingle? This online dating platform comes to you in various ways. However, there are many dating sites and apps out there. Facebook dating’s recent platform has made Facebook’s social media platform go viral.

Even non-users are aware of the Facebook dating platform and this has attracted them to Facebook. The Facebook dating app was recently launched in about 20 countries. Please take note that the Facebook dating platform does not require your bank details or any sensitive personal details that you are not comfortable sharing.

In case you are not a Facebook user but you are interested in the Facebook dating app, you can just create a Facebook account so, you can get access to the dating app.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a feature within the Facebook app that is intended to serve as an online dating platform for users of either their main site or Instagram.

The Facebook dating app is currently not available in all countries, only about 20 countries are presently granted access to make use of the app. The Facebook dating app can also not be accessed by non-Facebook users, because it can only be accessed through the Facebook app, as it is not a standalone app but a feature in the Facebook app.

All you need do is to update your Facebook app to get connected to the new features or for non-users, you simply download the Facebook app and that’s it you get access to the Facebook dating service. Well, that’s not all read down.

How Do Facebook Dating 2022 Work

Facebook dating work so easily and simply. In Dating, you can send likes and messages to people you’re interested in. Once someone likes you back, you’ll match and can start chatting in Dating.

Note that all people Dating must follow our Community Standards. Dating profiles and activities can’t be promotional in nature or contain commercial offers.

How To Create Facebook Dating Profile

As I earlier said in this article, for you to get access to this new dating app you have to get a Facebook dating account. Below are the guidelines for you to be able to access the Facebook dating app, in case you are wondering how to go about it;

  • Firstly, open your Facebook app.
  • Then log in to your Facebook account.
  • The next step is to tap the menu icon.
  • Then tap on the heart icon or dating notification.
  • Next is to fill in your gender.
  • Then you are to confirm your location.
  • A 12-profile tile will display on your screen, make sure to answer the Facebook dating questions or present a photo.
  • Then you add a dating profile photo of yourself.
  • Then specify the criteria you need in your match in your account dating settings.

With all these steps you can easily create or set up your dating profile on Facebook very fast and easily.

Facebook Dating Help Center

If there is any information on Facebook dating you can’t get here in this article, you can quickly contact customer service for assistance.

You can also get help from the Facebook Dating help center. All the complete question on Facebook dating is available on the Facebook dating help center. To get to the help center, Click here. 

Facebook Dating Site for Singles Free

Well, the Facebook dating app does not cost any money, it is free. All you need do is to make sure you have a Facebook account and then you can get access to the dating app service. Take note that the app cannot be downloaded alone, that’s why you need a Facebook account.

Once you follow the steps listed earlier in this article, you can successfully create an online Facebook dating account online.

Features Of Facebook Dating 

Profile Content 

There are tappable entry points displayed on profiles that you can use to strike a conversation such as a school and shared hometowns.

Secret Crush 

This feature allows you to select up to nine Facebook friends you can express interest in but that crush must be mutual first.

Preemptive Black List

You can review your block lists to ensure you don’t get matched with people who aren’t your Facebook friends and yet you still don’t want to see.

Second look

This feature is located in Facebook Dating’s settings. The Second Look displays people in reverse chronological order for you too, well, take a second look.

Facebook Dating FAQs

What is Facebook Dating Crush?

Secret crush is one of the Facebook dating features that help you find out if your crush like you back.

Can I upload pictures on Facebook dating?

Yes, you can upload pictures on the Facebook dating account, you can also see photos you have been tagged in and even the pictures you have crossposted on Instagram.

Is Facebook dating 2022 gone?

The app is still available, all you have to do is uninstall the Facebook app on your Android and iOS device. After that, you need to Re-install the Facebook App and I am sure that the Facebook dating feature will work.

How do you date on Facebook dating 2022?

The Facebook dating app is free to access and the dating aspect is very simple and easy. The app is available on iOS and Android.
To get start:
  • Open your web browser and start the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the three-line menu.
  • In the All Shortcuts section, look for Dating and click on Dating. …
  • Tap Get Started.



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