Facebook Dating Feature – Facebook Dating 2020 | Facebook Dating App Download

Online dating has been the list search of today people are searching every day by day about dating sites where they can find singles to hang out with. What I want to be sharing with you a topic about the Facebook Dating Feature review.

Facebook Dating Feature - Facebook Dating 2020 | Facebook Dating App Download

What do you understand when it comes to this very topic of the header, do you ever think that Facebook is going to launch any dating service? If no, then let go into the header more.

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Facebook Dating Feature

Like I have said in the introduction of this post Facebook adding a dating feature, I believe that you get a little interested in knowing more about the Features of the Facebook dating app. What do you think Facebook dating features is really about?

Most of us are seeing this kind of heading for the very first time and of course, you do not know much about it. As we all already know that Facebook is a social media that deals with so many features or services. Like we have the feature of chatting with friends and family, to those who you know or did not know.

It is also responsible for the duty of making video and voice calls, play games, join groups and pages and also let you create your group and page. Speaking about the features or services that facebook renders, they are so many of them.

Facebook Dating

Back to our discussion about the dating app features. Speaking of the dating app, many of us will think that Facebook has a dating app like every other dating apps that we do know of. Facebook does not have a dating app like the way other apps do.

This service is placed on dating preferences, such as mutual friends, groups, and also events that are joined to Facebook to pair potential matches.

Facebook Dating 2020

Now, let talk about the features of the service on Facebook. I believe that you all enjoyed every bit of this article that you have been going through right from the very beginning of the paragraph. Speaking of features, we have so many of them on Facebook when it comes to dating on the platform.

One of the very first features is that this dating service is free and Facebook thrusts itself to over 3 billion dating sites or industries that have stiff competition from apps like we have OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble.

The dating service can be accessed through your main Facebook account, which means you don’t need to create or sign up for any other Facebook account before you can make use of the service. Another thing is that you must be above the age of 18 before you can access it on your account and you are also required to set up your dating profile before proceeding with the service.

Right now, I want us to move to a new sub-heading that will also contribute to your understanding. Facebook dating is a service of its own different from the Facebook dating group, you can only find the dating service right on your Facebook profile page.

The dating icon looks like a heart or love icon when you click on it. It will take you to the dating profile setup page, there you have to set up your dating profile before you can access it fully.

How Does Facebook Dating Work

Here we are, if I may ask how does Facebook dating works, I believe not everyone that is reading through the article will be able to explain how it works. Let me make it very easy for you to understand, Facebook dating works this way.

It helps to connect single users to a close relationship. If you have already heard about this dating feature or service of Facebook before now but you can’t find the dating service on your Facebook account.

Do you want to know the reason why you can’t find the dating service on your Facebook account, read across the paragraph below?

Facebook Dating not Showing Up

Like I said if you already know about this service before and you can’t find it on your account, here is the reason why you can’t see the dating service. Facebook dating not showing up, is also the same as Facebook dating not available.

When it comes to the dating service on Facebook, the service is not available in all countries. There is a list of countries that can make use of the Facebook dating service on their account. The reason why you can’t make use of the dating service or the dating service is not showing up is because the dating feature is not accessible in your location.

If you can’t find the dating service that means it is not accessible in your country or location but there is a way you can also date on Facebook. The other way you can make use of the dating feature on Facebook is through the Facebook dating groups. The dating service is not only based on the Facebook web but also the Facebook app.

Facebook Dating App Download

For those of us that are making use of the Facebook mobile app, you can also access the dating service on it. It does not matter that you must access it through the web. The Facebook dating app download is the official Facebook app itself.

The features are also available on mobile and for you to access them, you have to download the app and sign in your account into it first. To download the app, follow the steps before;

  • The very first thing to do is to access your smartphone app store.
  • Then search for “Facebook” using the search engine.
  • The result will come up on the second page, now you just have to click on the download or install button.

Clicking on the download or install button, means you are done with the downloading process.

Facebook Dating Profile

For anyone to access the dating app on his Facebook account, he or she must set up a dating profile first by doing these, you are good to go. The following steps below will direct you through the steps.

  • Access the www.facebook.com website or app and go to your profile page.
  • Now click the heart icon at the top of your profile page, to get started.
  • Next is to provide the following details, your names, location, personal interest, and all.
  • When you are done, click the create link below to get your dating profile created.

Doing all these things, you will be qualified to access or make use of the dating service on your account that if the service is available in your location.

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