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Facebook Dating makes it so easy for people to connect with singles and find love. Helping you build relationships is what Facebook works to do. Right now, Facebook works to connect “Singles” who are ready to date and hook up. So, if you are single with a Facebook account, then you certainly do not have to search for a partner anymore! There are millions of people out there who are also in search of lovers and life partners just like you. Let’s move on, as you get to know more about this amazing feature on Facebook.

Facebook Dating - Dating App Facebook | Dating in Facebook App for Free Download

Facebook Dating

Dating on Facebook is made possible through one of the latest features on this social media site, which is known as Facebook Dating. It is also called Dating and exists as a home for singles on Facebook. The CEO of Facebook states that millions of people are already making use of this amazing feature. With this, you should definitely not miss this one. Out of these millions, you will definitely find the right and compatible lover just for you.

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This feature exists right within the main Facebook site. Through your Facebook account, you can gain access to this feature. However, there are other facts that you need to take note of. Move on with this article, as you get more details about this feature. 

Facebook Dating Feature

This feature is the romantic meant for singles on this social media site. Now, you have gotten an idea about what this feature is and what it does for you. Now, how can you make use of it or how can you access it? Before moving further, the Facebook dating app, as it is called exists right within the main Facebook site. So, if you have got an account, you also have access to this feature. However, it does not just work like that! How do I mean? Read the next part of this article to know more.

Facebook Dating Review

As well, a minimum of for a few users, the entire Facebook Dating remains quite buggy, and despite the huge popularity of Facebook, the user base seems vanishingly small. All of that adds up to a reasonably lackluster experience. Like that of Facebook itself, it is completely free. This dating thing that Facebook has launched into the platform is free and has been in use in some countries.

It was first launched in Colombia in the year 2018. Lots of people or user-contributed to the establishment what the dating feature or service look like. Has time goes on, it was said that if the testing went well. It will become part of the prevailing Facebook application. And then to Canada and Thailand in the same year 2018. At this time, the service was now expanded to 14 new countries.

Facebook Dating App

That includes Australia, the Philippines, Brazil. Also, to Vietnam, Singapore, Uruguay, Malaysia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Guyana, Suriname, and then to Laos. It was in use for a year in Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, and Argentina.

There has been allowing users to connect with others all around the world and it has been confined to the specific region that they live in. The United was the last place where this dating feature was expanded to that is the year 2019 and they were looking onto bringing it to other countries.

Has Dating Service Released on Facebook

Facebook Dating is open and available to 20 countries for now. With this, only Facebook users in these locations are able to access and use this amazing and romantic feature. What countries are this feature open to?  Vietnam, Uruguay, United States, Thailand, Suriname, Singapore, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Malaysia, Laos, Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina. 

So, if you reside within any of the above-listed locations, you are able to find and make use of this feature right within the main Facebook app or Facebook website. 

Dating Profile for Facebook

Now, you know about the release details and the locations that this feature is open to. What is this dating profile all about? This profile is separate from the main Facebook profile that you have and is the key to accessing this home of singles. Using this profile, you can access this romantic home, match with singles, chat with a single of your choice, and hook up! Do you want to get yours? Get on the next part of this article to get your profile. Here is how you can set up your dating profile.

  • You have to access your Facebook profile page.
  • Look up, you will find a love icon at the top of your profile photo.
  • Tap on it and follow the steps on the dating profile setup page by providing your name, age, match, gender, and so on.
  • When you are done, you just have to click the finishing button below the boxes.

These are the steps on how you can set up your Facebook dating profile or dating account right inside the Facebook platform. But if you can’t find the dating section on your account that is because it is not yet made available in region or country. Without the dating service, there is also a way you can find dates or singles on Facebook and that is with the help of the dating group. With these groups, you can start updating on the platform without been creating a dating profile.

Facebook Dating Group

There are so many dating groups on the platform that you can search for using the search bar on your Facebook account. Just type in “Dating” and proceed to the group’s tag at the top of your screen after searching for it. Then you will be exposed to lots of dating groups right in front of you that you can join for free, all you do is to click the “JOIN” button close to the group you like to join.

How to Enable Facebook Dating

If this amazing feature is available in your location right within your Facebook account, it would never work except you make it work. How? Access it and get your amazing profile. Enabling this feature has to do with setting up this profile, as it will be used to engage in all activities within the home. So, let’s get yours right away! 

  • Log in to your Facebook account through your Facebook app or Facebook website
  • On your account, access your profile to click on the Heart icon at the top or go to the menu section and tap on the dating icon at the top of your profile.
  • Set up your profile by providing your gender, location, interest, and a photo of yourself
  • Confirm the profile.

With the following steps about you can enable your dating profile in your account.


Following these steps, you will confirm and get your profile to access the use of this feature. Now, you can get on this home for single, match, connect, and chat with singles who are also available for online courtship.

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