Facebook Dating Complaints – Is There Any Good stuff about Facebook Dating

One of the latest and the best dating platform around now might just have some flaws, and people might just be complaining about the platform. Well, later in this article, I would be giving you some information concerning Facebook Dating Complaints.

Facebook Dating Complaints
Facebook Dating Complaints

Before we get right into the details of Facebook dating complaints, lets us first know what makes this dating platform one of the best to use. To begin, Facebook dating is the first dating platform to be created out of a social media platform, and that gives it more edge compared to other dating sites.

Using Facebook Dating

Using this app has been made a lot easier thanks to the many incredible features that Facebook has integrated right into the platform. Well, using the dating app I have not encountered that many issues that would lead to a complaint.

Facebook took its time to work on the platform making use of reviews and comments from different users to better the platform. So far Facebook dating has grown much better, and a lot of improvements have been added to the platform even the secret crush feature works much better.

Well, with all the incredible features this dating platform is getting a lot better, am not so sure you users would encounter an issue that has to do with its functionality.

Is There Any Good stuff about Facebook Dating

Just as stated above, the platform possesses some great things that you would love, plus you get to see who liked you, and This is what tinder does not offer you for some reasons.

If you visit Facebook dating, you would be presented with three tabs, which include liked you, profile, and matches. On liked you, you would get a number of your likes and then you can choose to swipe exclusively through them in a Tinder esque style.

Well, it is really great seeing all the people that want to match with you just readily available, when on tinder, you would be required to pay £15 a month just for the privilege.

Facebook Dating Complaints

Well, one complaint you would get from Facebook dating is no notification. Since it does not have an app, it means you would not be getting a notification. Another issue with the platform is slow conversation. Well, the dating platform would work much better if it has its own app like a messenger.

If you do not like the dating platform design by Facebook, that would be based on you. Because the app was designed in the best way possible. Creating of the profile is easy as most of the work would be done for you, you just have to tweak it to the way you want it.

And matching is a lot easier and better especially with the secret crush feature around. Currently, the dating app is not all over the world so you probably might have not tasted the app before. If you get to make use of it, you would see how great the platform works.


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